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  1. Well then, I think that this has been long overdue... time to talk about everyone's (now) most useless vsp weapon: the sapper! It... kinda bugs me that there is exactly 1 weapon in vsp that has no-use whatsoever, but can still be pulled out by any spee, spells or not. It's also annoying to miss a stab purely because you had to go through your sapper first (wich hapens more than I like to admit). And it's just downright frustrating to spectate a spy that only has his sapper out, but... that is another matter. There have been multiple suggestions in the past in the weapons-thread, like upgrade buildings to l3 or make it act as a radar, but it seems quickly forgotten there... hence why I decided to make a new thread. So, without further ado... fire away! In the event that nothing useful/agreeable/workable comes from this, is it possible to disable the sapper outright, like a kgb's minigun?