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  1. A fun discussion topic in chat earlier was the Meyer Briggs Type Indicator Test which is a personality test of sorts. Basically you answer a bunch of questions and it gives you four letters based on your results. Two tests, pick one. personally I did the first one (as recommended by Wikipedia!) but the second one was more popular in chat. You can find what these funny letters mean (apparently) by clicking on your result on the following website: Remember, this test is just for fun/interest/whatever, you shouldn't take it too seriously or completely change your lifestyle as a consequence of finishing it. Well I guess you can, but that would be silly. I got ISTJ, The Duty Fulfiller.
  2. So, I thought I would start a topic on this mainly because it was mentioned that we don't have all the major "flame-worthy" topics started. Also, I'm kind of interested to learn a little more about you guys and your ideals. I used to be a Democrat back in my High School days and a couple years after that. Just to shed a little light, after I graduated I went into the Army. Since my time in the service and actually getting out to see life as an adult I have come to a conclusion. I don't know what party I can claim. I have opinions on different issues that spread to both parties. I won't go into details yet, I want to see if this topic is going to be a place of maturity and calm debates. I would just like you all to share your own opinions and what-not that we may all grow closer and maybe, just maybe learn something.