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  1. Let us be real and reasonable, the vsp has a good community, the hales mechanic are good depending on what hale. But that not the thing, the thing is when people play hale, they have a switch for the modem that makes them lag, and with that makes it hard for people to play time to time, the Hit Reg makes it seem that we're on Csgo. when that people find it necessary for them to use rage when honestly they don't even need it, with the side hit on the wild side, its like hitting someone that has a sword that is half the side of the world, while we try to fight them with any luck some of us do get damage, but thin you have people that would brag about it, yea yea let us be real, we all brag when we "rekt" them and get the kill that EVERYONE work hard for (unless you're those players that didn't do damage) to kill the hale. Now you're thinking well this have NOTHING to do with how it feel, in a way no and in a way yes, let say you're a new comer that just joined the server, you're thinking in your mind "ooh here we go im going to go kill some pony's, im going to be big war hero", that moment in your head is where shit hit the fan. When you try to dodging the hale, just to get side hitted by a hale that has demo weapon AKA the EYELANDER RANGE EFFECT. Which basically mean, what i said up top, getting hit by a hale that has a weapon that is half of the earth while you're a mile away trying to get damage, and you're dead from a mile away, or you get hit by the hale even though you jumped off the edge of a platform hitting the ground, and the kill feed says something different from what you saw. With that note, people find it irritating, also when you play spy, and get a backstab animation, and not getting any damage, when people shoot the hale, and the hale teleport to the other side of the map, when you don't get damage, and the feeling of disappointment from not getting the kill, not getting the damage, and getting salty after words, which makes it sad, because they become hale and rage spam.( ) with that note, it should be known that with best interest to look into the server because the client side is horrible, and granted it could also be because of some of the particle effect that some has hale, that makes people lag worst thin when we play pumpkin farm, which is a HORRIBLE MAP and there is allot of people that would agree, which is why i would like to end this with this with a video to basically explain what i just said.