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  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this mod and am liking it so far and one thign I liek is them usic that plays durign the rounds that changes with each boss, is there a list fo the songs used in this mod so I could download them to put onto my ipod?
  2. Here's a rap I spewed out in 5 minutes.
  3. Hey. I made this... and stuff. Remember youtube's audio improves @720p, make sure it's enabled before you watch the video. [media=] If you want to hear some more of my stuff (includes a pony remix):
  4. It's easy, someone sings a few lines of a song, and the person to post next has to finish out the line. In example- "My name is Pinkie Pie, and I am here to say-" And person two would reply "I'm gonna make you smile and brighten up your day." Then the person would post underneath the name of the song- "Smile Smile Smile." Simple. The lines can go as long or short as wanted, however the response must be at least as long as the beginning, unless the beginning leaves little left to reply. I will begin this thread first with a classic. "With my freeze ray I will stop....the pain. It's not a-"