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  1. It has come to the attention of many on the texas server that nightmarities new passive ability gives the boss a noticeably unfair advantage over the mercenaries. This passive ability makes a killed player into a large spooky skeleton with scout speed and double jumps with a boston basher. In itself, it isn't such an issue, however the amount of skeletons that can be spawned has caused it to become one. Much the same as multi-boss hale selections, it isn't the pure damage/rage output that is the issue usually, but more so the fact that there are multiple (in this case many) killing machines spread across the map that can take out players at a multiplied rate. I think a possible fix for this would be to have a percent chance of a player turning into a skeleton, rather than it always happening. Another would be to maximize the amount of skeletons to possibly 3-4 at a time, but this still allows for a consistent amount of skeletons. In any case, many do not see this boss fun to play against, because there is very little chance of winning even if there are experienced players. Also I would like to bring up the issue of hesitation to post and bring up issues on these forums. There are (i'm guessing) over about 50-100 people who go through just the texas server and complain about balancing/bugs each day, but I don't see anything about them on the forums. I cannot stress enough that the individuals that are capable of fixing issues will not fix them unless they at least know it is an issue. We all have things we do every day besides spending hours of time working on TF2, and I think its unfair to expect others to take what free time they have and randomly figure out issues.
  2. Oh wait, it's only the First of October... You know what that means! Spooky thread I guess.