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  1. Player: [JB]Zebra Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:46407008 Offense: Posting a NSFW nude spray Date/time: 11/9/2013 12:24am Details: Player was given NUMEROUS warning, both verbal, chat, and with command sm_hsay. Player chose to ignore all warnings and continued posting spray. Initiated sm_votekick, all players voted in favor, and player was kicked. Player returned shortly, and began to spray the NSFW again. Given more warnings. Initiated sm_voteban. Vote succeeded and player kicked for 30 min Evidence: Requesting longer ban for player. Week long seems appropriate.
  2. Ahoy-hoy! Got a temporary ban [i think.] for my spray, but I was playing as Hale when the news was posted. I briefly saw in chat someone, Lyra I think, say "Change your spray next round" or something to that tune. I assumed that I was being referred to, but when I saw a spray of 124% clop, penetration and all, I assumed that Lyra was telling that person to change it instead. So I went on, won the round once the Pyro jumped off the lamp and I jumped on to his head and then asked in chat if mine was fine: And my incoherent typing was my shoddy attempt at asking if my spray was alright, for I have seen many 'saucy' sprays, some animated ones as well! I asked a while back, got a green light, asked again, got a red light, green light, a random invite asking for the full size image, and then, well, what happened today! I shouldn't have been skirting the line, if I'm ever allowed back in, you won't see any more Zecora from me, or anything else mildly suggestive.
  3. A few minutes ago, I was instantly perma-banned from all ponyville servers with no warning by Lyra for a "bad spray logo". I didn't even intentionally spray; my spray key is the "R" key, and my push-to-talk key is the "F" key. I was just trying to communicate with my team. I'm not sure what else to say, I guess I'll just leave it to the admins. My spray: Ban Log: