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  1. No idea if there's a thread or anything, but figured I'd just make a fresh thread on it. Say sounds appear to be completely broken/gone. !soundlist and !sounds do not work, nor does typing any sounds in chat. Admin menu also doesn't even have the sound options at all. (we should totally get some more admin sounds btw <3) !servers does nothing. Not really sure if there's much else at this point, but can add stuff if I find out more.
  2. Was wondering if we could ever get some sort of patch notes when updates happen. It would be really nice to know what each update brings, if a boss update, weapon update, etc. Thoughts?
  3. Sooooooo, I'm not really sure what the rule is on the huntsman taunt now. People claim its fixed because of the fact that you get hurt for around half your health when you land the hit. Buuuuuuut, people are starting to spam the taunt, when being healed by a medic. So bosses can still get stuck in the taunt if the sniper is being healed. This isn't a huge issue, but I feel it needs to be addressed.
  4. Share your style of gameplay if you want, or talk about other ponies style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mines is simple. I equip a loadout that most tryhards wouldnt use in their lifetime. Heres one loadout, Soldier: Beggars Bazooka, Buff Banner, and um........any pickaxe. I get yelled at for doing this sometimes, but its worth the trolling. I spam first, then use the buff. All I can say is, "Welcome to hell!" Assuming that I have amo to use. For some reason, Im actually pretty good with the natascha. I remember one good day I had with it. It was at foundry a while ago. I must have been high on sugar or something, but I was just demolishing Lyra with it. His expression was priceless. Anyways, My style is basically: Equip random stuff and hope for the best. My other loadouts at the moment are pretty basic ones. The type that other people are using. Lets talk guys!
  5. We all have em, things we feel we shouldn't like but enjoy anyways. So let's share. I'll start; I like Panic! at the Disco, Owl City, and I enjoyed watching Twilight (For reasons other than intended).
  6. Visual Novels, as wikipedia would describe them, are "Works of interactive fiction, featuring mostly static graphics, most often using anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills. As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels or tableau stage plays. They are analogous to a digitized version of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel." A majority of these are Akin to dating sims, and usually just interlap into the same genre. Quite a few members have gotten into Visual Novels recently, thanks to some of our Woodle members, and I figured we could use a thread on it. A majority of us have gotten into Visual Novels by Katawa Shoujo, a free and easy to get into one about a school for the crippled. It's got optional adult content, as a forewarning. Download location:
  7. When did you start using the internet? How has the internet influenced you? What do you use the internet for? How fast is your internet connection? I started using the internet probably around 8 years ago. Around the time that teen titans was big on cartoon network. There was a cool little street fighter style fighting game that I loved the crap out of. I played that thing probably nonstop. I only started using the internet more intensively around 4 years ago when we got a serious upgrade to the internet, and I was just finding out the true power behind google. The internet has influenced me very heavily. I now use it on a daily, if not hourly basis. It's just too damn convenient not to. I find the more time I spend on the internet, the more paranoid, as well as informed I become. I am also much more intolerant of other people's stupidity in real life, which is a double edged sword In my opinion. I usually post here, download bits and bobs off the internet (usually photos) and go on 4chan to talk about stuff. At my mom's house, our connection used to be around 1.5MBPS, but now it's around 400KBPS At my dad's house, I get <30KBPS internet. As you can imagine, I don't do much downloading over at dad's.
  8. Hey. I made this... and stuff. Remember youtube's audio improves @720p, make sure it's enabled before you watch the video. [media=] If you want to hear some more of my stuff (includes a pony remix):