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Found 2 results

  1. So, I liked the idea of what Cinnamon and Pixel did for their 3k and 1k posts and I have reached two thousand here I am....willing to answer any question with a promised truthful answer. But unlike their their threads, this is also a suggestion thread for drawings....because I think you all know that I need more practice... So, I will take any suggestion for a picture but if you want a good picture, suggest a pony and if you are going to suggest and OC please include a picture... Have a nice day ^_^
  2. 1084 lines of code (last time I checked, easily more now), I'm bound to make a mistake here or there. If you happen to run across a bug, or something that seems wrong, post it here so that I can get it fixed. ^_^ Also, if you have any ideas for plugin updates, post those here as well! Sweetie reviews the ideas and decided which ones to use, and which ones to ignore, then will pass her choices off to me. Potential Changes: [bUG] - Extended Reach ability does not give seeds to players when harvesting crops. [Confirmed; Fixed in next update.] [bUG] - Extended Reach ability does not give saplings to players when harvesting trees. [Confirmed; Not yet fixed.] [bUG] - Earth class has extended reach ability. [Confirmed; Removed in next update.] [bUG] - Toggle ability on block hit. [Confirmed; Not yet fixed.] Changelog: [Mar 21, 12] - Plugin Added to server. Due to Inability to edit post due to fourms bug all updates will be posted here http://ioncann0ns.dy...?q=pony_classes Old post. Will have new Minecraft wiki soon.