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Found 3 results

  1. I strongly recomend that the Conga Dance taunt be removed or unusable on the VSH servers.It isn't bad on the Texas servers but has gotten way outta hand on the EU server...I make this topic in hopes you will agree with me and make the Conga Dance unusable in the VSH servers.I had to kick nearly the entire EU server becuase they refused to listen Arokhantos when he told them to stop.
  2. Just a Team Service Announcement for everypony out there Also download the taunt, it's worth your time :) Thank you for participating in this TSA, hopefully yout participation will better improve the community.
  3. Hey guys you see the new fantastic taunt for all classes?? SO EPIC! But for have it, you must buy a pre-order copy of the new Guitar Hero game. D: