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  1. Hello everypony! My name is Secrios, and I would like to present to you my wacky fan series "Blue Spy" (It has ponies in it :D). It is a touching tale of love and loss, as a Blue Spy falls in love with Rarity. So far two episodes have been made, but there will be more. Bellow you can see the two finished episodes now :D!
  2. Share your style of gameplay if you want, or talk about other ponies style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mines is simple. I equip a loadout that most tryhards wouldnt use in their lifetime. Heres one loadout, Soldier: Beggars Bazooka, Buff Banner, and um........any pickaxe. I get yelled at for doing this sometimes, but its worth the trolling. I spam first, then use the buff. All I can say is, "Welcome to hell!" Assuming that I have amo to use. For some reason, Im actually pretty good with the natascha. I remember one good day I had with it. It was at foundry a while ago. I must have been high on sugar or something, but I was just demolishing Lyra with it. His expression was priceless. Anyways, My style is basically: Equip random stuff and hope for the best. My other loadouts at the moment are pretty basic ones. The type that other people are using. Lets talk guys!
  3. Well, it has come to my understandings, that there might be a possible team fortress 3 in the making..But I am not so sure if it will ever be made tho but you can read the rest of the article I found about it on this site tho.. Also I found this video while searching for any team fortress 3 trailers if there was any tho but I am not sure if this one is fake or not.
  4. Ok guys gotham city imposter is a new fps game that is out for the ps3 xbox and pc and it is similar to team fortress 2 gameplay I was wondering what you think is better between them both you think gotham city impostors will be bigger and better then team fortress two or do you think that team fortress two will always be better then any other fps games that comes out that try's to steal the gameplay of team fortress two to try to take away team fortress two players.