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  1. I've been meaning to make this thread in a while and never got around to it since I've been busy with irl issues, so anyways this thread is going to go on about how and what the current problems of the servers are, the list isn't going to be accurate since i know there alot more problems that i haven't been able to experience in the server and as well outside, so here is the current ones that i know: The 3 US servers are currently broken and won't let any player join. VSP Funbox DR map autodownloader is broken forcing the player(s) to download the map(s) from an outside source if they don't previously have the map installed. Starlight Glimmer, Zecora, Vinyl Scratch, and Braeburn rage mechanics is currently broken as in being unplayable. Spike's Flamethrower is unusable and his R rage is currently broken. EU and JP servers are currently running on an older version of TF2 considering the game has been updated a lot recently with the Jungle Inferno Update and the new update that fixes the main grasp of the Competitive mode and Pyro weapons re-balancing. A lot of the Bosses still have Random Criticals when they shouldn't have any to begin with. Spy Bosses still doing 325+ damage from simple knife stabs that are not back-stab related. Spellbook item still able to pick up ammo and having virtually no downsides. Classes getting HP max nerfs on certain weapons when they shouldn't especially for a mode that has Bosses that are technically supposed to One shot a Mercenary with less than 202 HP regardless that isn't a Spy boss. Pinkie Pie and Braeburn are not the only ones that are breaking the Super Jump timer. Lack of Admins that have interest in the game-mode besides the ones that still get on when the servers are on/active,(PS: i'm one of the Seapony admins that still comes onto the servers when they're up) A lot of the weapons are still under-balanced in the game mode, same with the Bosses. If there is any that I've missed that isn't on the list, please list them in a fashion that is understandable and obvious to players that have actually spent enough time in the game mode to know what's happening, Anyways there's also a poll that is going to see if People are actually interested in seeing VSP servers coming back. It's not necessary but if you use STEAM then you can also use this in your profile name to show that you are wanting to support VSP as well: #BringBackVSP
  2. BOSSES The bosses that we use in Versus Ponyville are for the most part based around vanilla boss/Rage mechanics from Eggman's Freak Fortress 2. If you have ideas about a new boss, then reading up on FF2 itself would be a good place to start in seeing what is truly possible with this mod. I have begun work on a page detailing all of our current bosses and their Rage mechanics. This page includes information regarding the duration, radius, and timing for Rages. Although it might seem redundant, altering any of these values can actually have a significant impact on the way that a Boss is played. Sometimes, balancing a Boss is only a matter of reducing their Rage by seconds. If you would prefer to suggest weapon ideas or changes for players, please use the following thread.
  3. It has come to my attention that recently the VSP Texas and Funbox have been experiencing odd server lag, forcing everyone to disconnect and making the servers disappear from server lists. This could be the cause of server hiccups that just require a restart/update, or something beyond our control (ddos, hosting error, etc.). If this could be looked on further by someone with more knowledge of servers, that would be great! Thanks for your time, Mix
  4. The Market Garden Challenge! This challenge came into mind while discussing it with Gimpyprime about how the server doesn't have the base market garden item attributes that stock VSH/FF2 has in the items plugin. So while talking about it we wanted to see if there was any decent soldiers that was willing to take on this challenge, Even though the Market Garden does gives you full on crits in VSP, but it's not what the base plugin had intended it to do, it was primarily supposed to be similar to the Spy's Backstab but in the fashion for Soldiers. We also discussed about the weapon restrictions which is mandatory to use if you want to do the challenge, so the following weapons is mandatory for this challenge: Liberty Launcher Gunboots and or Man Treads Market Garden (Absolutely necessary) Now here's the catch, the damage you do with the loadout has to all come from the Market Garden and only that weapon, Goomba's are optional as well if you get them, If you happen to score over 2000 damage with the Market Garden/Goomba's, You can post a screenshot for it in this thread, But you must be in the screenshot itself showing the damage and or hovering your dead body the moment you died showing the damage and the weapon held has to have been your Market Garden. The main reason for the primary and secondary is too reduce the rocket jump damage you'd take if you plan to go for the hits. The primary reason for this challenge is to show that Market Garden shouldn't have gotten it's item attributes changed because it was supposed to be good with the right hands and bad in the wrong hands. If you're planning to participate in this challenge you can not use any other weapons that are not in the list above and you cannot use your primary as a damage weapon itself as well. Also for this challenge, Gimpyprime himself will not be participating in this as it would make everyone else at a disadvantage in Soldier jumping and market gardening in terms of skill level, the damage he did from the previous Soldier related Challenge. Plus this is also a means to have the Market Garden be useful once again on the server with it's original stats as VSH intended it to be, but overall just have fun with this while following the item set rules, i'll be thinking of other interesting challenges to do in the future while discussing it with some veterans from the server.
  5. Hey Im kind of new to TF2 mods, looking for help on the ponyville servers, how to defeat bosses, rocketjump, bind keys, superjump as boss, special powers, stuff to get better so I dont die so early on in arena. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Got this idea immediately when the Balloonicorn was released, why not have PINKIE PIE follow you around instead of a balloon? Replaces the Balloonicorn! Download: here Credits: Models/Materials - Kp-ShadowSquirrel Idea - Me (Although it seems if it wasn't for copyright infringement, valve would want to do this :P) Bugs? Shouldn't be, but let me know if there is a problem! Notes: I'm learning more and more about TF2 modeling as I go so there might be updates to this!
  7. names

    hi everypony i need a name for my strange prof natasha, i could not find one by myself, i renamed my rocket launcher pinkie pie Party Cannon and my flamethrower party blower
  8. Not so used to starting forum games, but... this one has been spooking through my mind for a while. We all know that VSP is this... pretty silly (and awesome) mod from freak fortress 2, meant as a gamemode for bronies (and anti-bronies) to shoot at (oversized?) characters way more powerful than they have ever been shown (bronies meet fellow bronies, anti-bronies... can shoot ponies :/). But, image if... VSP is actually a canon event, either in the tf2 or mlp-verse (or both)... how would VSP actually have come to exist? What... outlandish situation could have led to ponies fighting the mercs, and the mercs fighting ponies? That, is what all this forum game (hopefully) is about. So, the goal is to write a possible story of how VSP could have come to be. Not definitive (that would be kinda arrogant, unless Raini or Simple write/support it, I suppose) but possible, since... this is just a game after all. Few, ehrm, rules: -You can start in either the TF2 or the MLP-verse. (or break the fourth wall, if you're confident enough) -Any story you come up with should eventually lead to our silly VSP gamemode. -Try to be original. Using certain things from previous posts is fine, but there must be something different. -The crazier, the better! ... as long as it makes perfect sense, of course, in the predefined settings of your story. Meaning, your story should be believable, fantastical sure, but not trolllogic-insane fantastical. -Any genre, if they don't break the site rules, is fine... expect trolly ones. Okay, with that all out of the way... may be the best story win get the most likes be the best story!
  9. Does anybody here know how to use the quadruped playermodels via client-side instalation? I really want to use the quadruped playermodels as the normal player models. I am aware that the hitboxes will be very weird because of it, but I can always uninstall it. If anybody could give me some form of a guide or a page with a guide (the page you download it from did not help/work) I would very much appreciate it.
  10. Well then, I think that this has been long overdue... time to talk about everyone's (now) most useless vsp weapon: the sapper! It... kinda bugs me that there is exactly 1 weapon in vsp that has no-use whatsoever, but can still be pulled out by any spee, spells or not. It's also annoying to miss a stab purely because you had to go through your sapper first (wich hapens more than I like to admit). And it's just downright frustrating to spectate a spy that only has his sapper out, but... that is another matter. There have been multiple suggestions in the past in the weapons-thread, like upgrade buildings to l3 or make it act as a radar, but it seems quickly forgotten there... hence why I decided to make a new thread. So, without further ado... fire away! In the event that nothing useful/agreeable/workable comes from this, is it possible to disable the sapper outright, like a kgb's minigun?
  11. So, basically a poll to see what the dominant line-ups in this particular community are. Poll is anonymous, and you can choose multiple characters per class if you're not sure. Choices are ordered randomly and chosen by what I believe are the most popular for that class, or have some logical connection to it. If you chose other, please clarify. If you feel that your choice for a particual class will be... deviant, from what you expect will be the most dominant, please leave some thoughts. Also, bonus points if you get Derpy's third name.
  12. (It is ironic that this repeats my first post on this site.) Anyway, I still have the name and description tags along with writer's block from the christmas event and I can not think of any names. I politely ask the memebers of this community to give their name ideas for my unamed weapons: Strange Carbondo Rocket LauncherVintage SanvichVintage wranglerI thank you for your time in looking in this thread.
  13. Hello Everypony! I wish to share my hitsounds with you..This download comes with 2 hitsounds,Twilight Sparkle saying-yes and the heavy saying Dead :3 To install simply go to your customs folder in TF2 then create a new folder and call it my_custom_stuff..In that folder make another folder and call it sound..In that folder make another folder called ui..Lastly go into that folder and put one of the hitsounds in there and rename it hitsound..After that you sohuld be good to go!Enjoy friends :3 I created these myself :3
  14. Feel Free to share any kind of memory you have of VSP like a lucky moment or a time it just wasn't your day and you got rekt :3. I was skimming through old video's of mine re-living old memories i have of VSP..It's fun to see how much things of changed..Like when R-Dash's Rage was far more OP than it is today :3 Or dis..that was really cutting it close.
  15. Versus Ponyville Freak Fortress 2 ... with ponies! Friendship is AllTalk Texas VSP #1 - Funbox (VSP, Deathrun, Fort Wars, Dodgeball) Friendship is AllTalk Texas VSP #2 - Standard (VSP with VSH/Arena Maps Only) VS ポニーヴィル Japan - Standard (VSP with VSH/Arena Maps Only) Friendship is AllTalk Europe - Standard (VSP with VSH/Arena Maps Only) General Information ❤ Boss Information ❤ Weapon Information
  16. Been helping some friends trade their stuff around and selling them as they either don't know how to, have the time, or just don't care. So I figured if anyone else needs help with it, I have some time on my hands when I'm not working so I could assist anyone who would need help. I can set up trades and take care of transactions, keep records of what you give and what you'd like in return. (I'ts not a miracle shop, I can do regular trading, as backpack price and such, or in other item equivalent.) Example, I can sell a key for what it's worth, but I cant give you an unusual for one key, I have time on my hands, but not so much to give you more for what your item is worth. This is for those who does not know how to trade, or lack the time. So for those interested, feel free to add me on steam and chat.
  17. This post will be filled.. with pictures Hello everyone this is Scootz and today I want to start my first post with pictures of all your wonderful Tf2 characters If they have a name put it down if they have a killstreak effect try to get a picture with said effect to they have a unusual show that off too. Put 1 class even 2 or if you feel like it do three. This is a post I hope will show more about a person and show what they like. Have a good day, Happy posting and see you all in game :3 Love Scootz~ I will be starting off with 4 pictures but 3 classes~ 1. MeeM Click on the links for full size images (not going to post a full scale image in here) This is my Medic with my Strange Prof Killstreak Ubersaw effect. Killstreak: Cerebral Discharge and the Sheen is Hot Rod 2. MeeM Click on the link for full image Here is my Medic with my Strange prof killstreak festive Crusaders Crossbow (long name xD) with the Killstreak being Hypno-Beam and the Sheen being Deadly Daffodil 3. Sphee (Its not actually a baby spy :3) Click on the link for full image He is a spy with a Strange blood banker and stuff 4. Byeahgineer (I SOLD THE CHAIR TAUNT D:) Click on link for full image Cheeseburgers BYEAH Bar fightin' BYEAH HE IS... THE BYEAHGINEER And thats it hope to see your creations have a good night everyone (or wherever you live could be morning) Love Scooty Booty
  18. Hey All Squishy Here Putting This Topic Up To Show Off Bosses.. and Yes I Know Rainford did it first.. but the Topic has been Dead for a While and We Will make boss fight Videos Fast As We Can... In This Topic Me And Steel Will Put Up Bosses We Play As And Fight Against Said Bosses.. We Are Never On At The Same Times But We Still Make Boss Fight Videos... (Soon We Hope To Get A Seconded Computer!) And Yes Not All Bosses Are Gonna Be From VSP... Most Will...Most Won't (Also This Topic Is Not To Promote Any Server.. This Topic Is Just For Showing Off Bosses Me And Steel Have Foughten Against..) Boss Videos Will Be Posted 1 By One or Two Depends On Our Mood... (I Have Made A Playlist On My Channel) Our PlayStyles: Mine=Anymeans to Win SteelCrescent:Calm Collected Chaos... YoutubeChannels:SolarisFabre (Squishy) Steel Crescent (Steel Crescent) Enjoy Our Little Viewers! Sonic.Exe (From [FP] Dafini's Server) Button Mash (VSP)
  19. Hello All Squishy here Posting this here so if people need help with Rocket Jumping And Rocket Pogoing Without Buging Gimpy.. or if he is Offline you can come here.. For Those That have No Idea What It Is, It's A new Steam Group that Focuses on Training Begineer Rocket Jumpers to become Pros.. They Even have there own Site,Map and teachers dedicated to help you learn. Also If you are already ump savvy, you can Join Jump Academy as a Teacher and help a Student Like me :3... They Are becoming Very Popular and the staff is very Friendly .. I just wanna help Spread the word about this Awesome Group....btw you can Schedule Private Teachers if you need more In-Depth Teaching.. (Not Trying To Addversite it.. but it would have many Solly's if they Need it) The SFM That let the People know of it was the SFM Zero To Hero. (Can't Put Video Link Up :(... ) They Even have a WebSite.. It's Hopefully we can all be Awesome At Rocket Jumping And Rocket Pogoing...
  20. I was alerted by Medic of Pegasi Woon that non donors are playing as donor bosses when their Donor status runs out..They do this by leaving their last boss pick as a donor boss and thus if they never change it the can play as that donor boss as long as they wan't..
  21. Hey Putting This Topic Up To Show There is Something wrong with Shiny's Super Jump...Because he is not jumping has high as he should like R.D.. Video: Never Mind... Unable to Make Video In First Place without People Killing Shiny Ungodly Fast...
  22. I strongly recomend that the Conga Dance taunt be removed or unusable on the VSH servers.It isn't bad on the Texas servers but has gotten way outta hand on the EU server...I make this topic in hopes you will agree with me and make the Conga Dance unusable in the VSH servers.I had to kick nearly the entire EU server becuase they refused to listen Arokhantos when he told them to stop.
  23. Ok I donated at 7pm on 11-20-13 and I had not got the extra stuff that I donated! PLZ HALP
  24. Just basically post a screenshot of your Classes. Sorry for the massive image :L Can't figure out how to do a spoiler tag.
  25. Player: Gibus Edgeless ace stuntman (I couldn't find his steam ID, and not sure if there's a way to check it without them entering) Player was gagged, and even confirmed that he was gagged, yet was still talking using the !pony command despite this. I informed him that using this exploit was a banable offence, but he continued. I will try to get his ID as soon as possible, if it cannot be found. Proof ------------ These shots are in order of when they were taken.