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  1. Why not.. get to know my fellow friends better.. what are you worst phobia or phobias? you can just post a phobia if you want.. Well for me i have huge phobia of bee's. when i hear one just buzz i freak out and run faster than sanic away from that thing..I also have a huge phobia of death.. thinking about it scares me.. i may actually have a phobia of heights.. I would have to see if that's true one day.. In a safe manner ofc. So what Phobia do you guys wanna share with us?
  2. Don't lie. I know we have some pokémon players here. The Great and Powerful Aloe can feel it. This topic was made for everypony who plays pokémon to exchange fc and talk and trade/battle one another. Psst, my pokemans. Let me show you them. Phillamena(Braviary) Adamant nature Ability:Sheer Force Brave bird Return U-turn Shadow Claw Gummy(Krookodile) Jolly Nature Ability:Moxie Earthquake Stone edge Crunch Outrage Tank(Carracosta) Adamant nature Ability:Solid Rock Waterfall Aqua jet Stone edge Shell Smash Discord(Dragonnite) Modest nature Ability:Wonder Scale Thunder Draco Meteor Fire Blast Outrage
  3. So, apart from MLP FiM and it's online community, what do you do for a living, for entertainment, or just in general?