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  1. Me: "Gah, im SOO bored... I KNOW!! I'll start a thread!" And that's how Equestria this thread was made! So, if you have an avatar/OC, and if it has a backstory, what is it? Mine would be: At a young age Pencil Doodle's parents were violently killed in the crossfire of a terrible war that crippled his homeland. While search parties where sweeping up the reckage and gathering fallen bodies, he was found under the rebel of his house. He was then taken back to an orphanage in Canterlot, he showed great magical potential during childhood, and was enrolled as a student of Princess Celestia. He is currently studying and working under her, but also studying the dark arts without her knowing, growing more powerful to get revenge on those responsible for his parents death's... now of-course that has nothing to do with my real life, but meh...
  2. With all the drama of last month, I was a bit hesitant to bring this up with more detail. Plus with the whole notion of "the internet never forgets" mixed with the fact that I have a very googleable name, I have to be careful with how I present this. Keeping in mind that potential employers can view this, I'm pretty much going out on a limb with what I'm about to state publicly. Hopefully it doesn't come around to bite me in the future, but this post would be meaningless if I failed to admit it: I have a serious problem with game addiction I've pretty much always known this. I even swore off gaming for a 5 year period because of this, and my career couldn't have been better off for it. Hell there's at least a correlation that it might run in the family...I remember my mother once told me my father refused to use our Atari/NES/SNES because he knew he'd get hooked. While some folks refute its existence or try to sugarcoat it, the patterns are not that much different from substance addiction. The way it creeps into your life and eventually overwhelms it, the existence and symptoms of withdrawal, the fact that it has repeatedly affected me while others are fine. That last one is especially poigniant, since I've known alcoholics and can contrast them with myself in a way that they could contrast themselves with me re: gaming. Gaming addiction has held me back from whatever my full potential would have been. It's caused me to cut off various social relationships. It strikes me in my moment of weakness and the only thing that ever pulls me out of it is an intense amount of self-loathing and the willpower to force myself to rewrite my own habits. The only thing that keeps it from festering like it has during the last couple years is a steady commitment, like a job. (one of which I really need to actually start looking for, heh) Over the years I've been putting up defenses. They've been pretty good, but sometimes they falter. Since my WoW addiction ended in early 2007 I've sworn off MMOs. With the rise of the casual and mobile gaming markets I became a lot more aware of Skinner Box game elements and would avoid getting into such games. A huge oversimplification of what this is: You know how a lot of games have some type of reward that appears at slower and slower intervals, forcing you to repeat the same experience over and over to collect these while the changes to gameplay are miniscule? That's how skinner boxes tend to manifest in games. It ranges from FarmVille's mechanics to GTA Online's progression systems to CoD's unlockables to even Binding of Isaac's unlockables. Yeah, it's practically a checkbox these days. As a somewhat wise (but not wise enough) addict, I could see through those easily. (though with GTA Online, I didn't care...heh) Unfortunately, what those defenses couldn't help against, and I guess what separates me from someone without addictive tendencies, is when the experience is actually enjoyable. TF2's skinner box elements are lightweight at worst. The fact of the matter is I enjoy TF2 and getting involved as a modder stretched that enjoyment indefinitely. The problem is I'm terrible with portion control and so I've found a way to limit my TF2 playing, since being able to pop in all the time meant too many chances for spontaneous escapism or a planned 30 minute visit becoming 8 hours. So I've worked out a system that'll prevent me from doing this, that'll give me a sizable time delay between my desire to pop into TF2 and when I can actually do so, enough of a delay for my self-control to kick in. Of course the side effect is I can't just play TF2 casually anymore. Right now, I've reached the phase where I've accepted the problem, and have worked out some countermeasures. The fact of the matter is I need to get my life together. I've had a history of working on and abandoning indie game concepts. Much of the motivation behind all the stuff I coded for VSP (and for AM in general) was to get myself back on the horse. There's two things I need to do...get a day job again (or sufficiently sustaining contract work, however the hell people do that [seriously, if you know, PM me :P ]) but also devote time to indie project #7...I think it is? I've produced a lot of vaporware over time, but at least I also still have all that code, so it's not like I'm starting from scratch. So what does it mean for myself and VSP? Portion control with TF2 means I have to work with my weakness. Since I enjoy being on for (too many hours) per day, it'd make sense for me to work on fixes and new code in 2-4 day clumps. Ideally doing the longer work around holidays so there's less guilt involved. I'm behind on my fixes so I'm going to try to use the first full weekend in October (reason: So I'm not tempted to finish the Gun Mettle campaign) as a time to get some long overdue fixes first, probably no new code. I'll maintain a list in my next reply in this thread. Oh, and I'm not quitting. I've privately said to people some things that could be misconstrued, but it all stemmed from my addiction problem and my lack of a plan at the time to balance RL with TF2. BTW, feel free to post any bugs that are within my scope that I haven't listed in my next reply. I guess I'm making use of this thread as not only a confessional, but also a means to git'er done.
  3. Simple game! Would you date the above user or his avatar? or neither.
  4. Well then, I think that this has been long overdue... time to talk about everyone's (now) most useless vsp weapon: the sapper! It... kinda bugs me that there is exactly 1 weapon in vsp that has no-use whatsoever, but can still be pulled out by any spee, spells or not. It's also annoying to miss a stab purely because you had to go through your sapper first (wich hapens more than I like to admit). And it's just downright frustrating to spectate a spy that only has his sapper out, but... that is another matter. There have been multiple suggestions in the past in the weapons-thread, like upgrade buildings to l3 or make it act as a radar, but it seems quickly forgotten there... hence why I decided to make a new thread. So, without further ado... fire away! In the event that nothing useful/agreeable/workable comes from this, is it possible to disable the sapper outright, like a kgb's minigun?
  5. Well, if you haven't heard yet, or live under a rock, the official Fallout 4 Trailer was released on Youtube, giving a glimpse into the masterpiece of a series revival. The reason I am making this thread is to keep up on news, opinions about the new games announced release itself, and to just have some nice talk about the games themselves. I mean, how do you guys feel about the new game, and what are you anxious/excited for?
  6. Oh god this thread makes me nervous. I said to myself long ago that I'd never touch the original bosses. Now people like here: are starting to cry "revamp the world!" effectively. One of the main reasons I originally had no desire to touch existing bosses is the politics involved. While everything I submit is up for review, revamping an existing boss brings down much closer scrutiny which I'm frankly not good at handling...heh. It's probably while I waited until I had enough notches on my belt to seriously consider it. (that and I had no ideas for Vinyl except the beam until recently) So instead of Boss Suggestions getting flooded in a disorganized way, what if we concentrated such efforts here? This thread is only for changes that would require coding to fix. Balance suggestions belong in Boss Suggestions. I made this thread more for my own benefit, to keep things potentially pertaining to me in one tidy place. To try to be fair, I'm just going to list the bosses with entirely public mechanics and their technical (to the best of my knowledge) information. Stuff with mechanics coded by Friagram (Stallione, R-Dash, Flutterbat, Trixie, Woona, Twily+Shiny, Pinkamena) and myself will not be listed. I'll leave my opinions on each in a reply, to minimize bias. The List Rarity - 3 seconds of faux invisibility, disguise RELOAD ability. Sentry stun. Super jump. source: fanon extension of her similarity to the Spy, originally in terms of fashionRainbow Dash - Matrix attack with no game speed change, lasts 7? seconds. Sentry stun. Super jump. Passive: Triple jump, reduced damage but higher swing speed with no critical hits, and 60HUPS faster than other bosses. source: canon interpretation of her speed/fighting ability in generalTwilight Sparkle - Uber (10s?), Stun (3-4s?), Teleport (2s stun), and 1 instance of Chain Lightning which seems to max out around 160 base damage for the first hit, damage reduction factor of maybe 0.7 per target, sentry stun. Teleport with 40 second teleport interval. source: fanon interpretation of her magic, though she never used chain lightningApplejack - 4-5? second hard stun (radius) and uber, knocks nearby players up and backwards, 10-12? seconds of knockback/airblast immune, sentry stun (same radius as hard stun). Super jump. It has the distinction of being the only stun rage that can be countered with magic. source: canon interpretation of her strength, stamina, and bucking abilityPinkie Pie - Clone attack and Demopan's overlay ability. Passive: Force to laugh on crit. Super jump with zero charge time. source: canon interpretation of Season 3Mare-Do-Well - 10 second uber and three instances of otokiru's point teleport. Teleport boss (15s). No weighdown. Passive: Third degree effect, instakills cloaked invis watch spies. source: canon interpretation of her ability to be everywhere at onceLauren Faust - Ion Attack plus Power Play for 10? seconds. Passive: Third degree effect, no critical hits but crit-on-kill, 20HUPS faster than normal hales, drains some cloak and medigun on hit. Super jump. source: fanon interpretation of her larger-than-life statusDiscord - Player gravity reduction and Friendly Fire for 10? seconds. Sentry stun. Two "extra life" instances of matrix attack at 50%? speed, lasts about 4 seconds. Teleport boss with 40 second interval. source: canon interpretation of his ability to divide the mane sixCMC - Apple Bloom has rage new weapon (Rescue Ranger), Sweetie Belle has thriller (hard stun) and Battalion's Backup effect for all three, Scootaloo has Sandmen. (sandman with 10 balls) I don't think any can stun sentries. Passive: Damage nerf vs sentries, no random critical hits. Super jump. source: not canon or fanonBig Macintosh and Cheerilee - Big Macintosh's rage is Battalion's Backup effect for both, with Demopan's reload charge ability. High jump, no super jump or teleport. Cheerilee's rage is invincibility to all but melee for all three. Super jump. Passive: no random critical hits. I think they both stun sentries? source: canon interpretation of their faux-shipping, and Big Macintosh's strength and endurance. Also, him charging around the map is hilarious.Balloonicorn - Teleport and soft stun for 8? seconds. sentry stun in location before teleport occurs. (allowing her to rage teleport into an unstunned sentry) Passive: High jump. Teleport (15s? interval). No weighdown. source: special guest star from TF2, blank slatePrincess Cadance and Shining Armor - Cadance gets hard mapwide stun for 6-8? seconds. Shining Armor gives both uber and makes them unable to attack. Backstabs and all forms of knockback still affect the bosses and the bosses can still goomba. Super jump. Shining Armor can punch through soft stuns. (fists heavy TF2 passive) source: canon interpretation of Cadance's power of love and Shining Armor's shield magicPrincess Celestia - rage_hellfire and sentry stun for 10? seconds. Damages players who don't move around for same duration. (might be one of Friagram's rages) Super jump. Passive: Ignite on hit. (instakills cloaked invis watch spy) source: fanon interpretation of Celestia's manipulation of a giant ball of plasmaEppaljeck - Hard stun for 4-5? seconds. Turns players into pixel unusual effect for 10-15 seconds. Stuns sentries in a small radius. rage_overlay to players. Teleport (5s interval). source: essentially a home-grown FF2 freakIron Will - Saxton Hale mechanics (800HU stun/stunsg, blocked by uber) plus knockback for nearby players. Passive: No knockback resist. Super jump. Higher base damage but no crits. source: canon interpretation of his "push back" mentalityPrincess Luna - Mapwide stun for 2 seconds, darkens map while highlighting all players. Fails to function on maps without a fog controller. Super jump. source: fanon interpretation of her relation with the night and darknessLyra - Rage new weapon (crossbow) and sentry stun in a radius. Super jump. Passive: Crits for 2? seconds on kill. source: not canon, possible fanon interpretation having her use a human weaponMolestia and Kinkie - Teleport and soft stun for 8? seconds. Milks enemies. (entirely aesthetic) Gain two instances of point teleport and one instance of Entangle. No sentry stun. Super jump. No weighdown. Passive: Bleed on hit. (instakills cloaked invis watch spy) source: fanon interpretation I'm assuming. I haven't read the blog.Octavia and Vinyl - Both have matrix attack, Octavia's is slow (maybe 0.25?), Vinyl's is fast. (2.0-3.0?) Sentry stun. Super jump. Passive: No random critical hits. source: not canon or fanonSurprise - Too many public rage mechanics to count. Super jump. Passive: Crit forces laugh. source: canon interpretation, a mix of Pinkie's randomness on top of the name "Surprise"Also opened a multiple choice poll to determine who most needs a revamp, based on user opinion. Finally, along with your votes, your ideas are also welcome. edit: Since after 24 hours I'll no longer be able to edit this first post, I've made this page on my personal wiki for organizing everyone's ideas.
  7. As I would love to put this down I can't this is a giant smack in the face when I read it. Arokhantos posted a GIF of cellshader and he said this: "Bassicly to sum it up simple agreed that deserve to become vsp dev and get exclusive tittle but needed to talk to Raini first, Raini disagreed then told excuse that maps aren't exclusive like i even care that they are, models aren't exclusive either. So she say'd if i don't agree she will remove my map......... I'm ofcourse not gonna agree, because map makers have never gotten same respect from anyone as model makers, even valve does the same thing hat makers make hats in just a day of work roughly and submit it to workshop, and get more respect. Map makers get map stamps which who the hell buy's anyway. With that in mind all i asked for to be treated the same. If also decided to leave the community for now untill raini and simple change there mind, and treat map makers the same way as model makers. Some of the work model makers have done does't even come close to the amount of work if done on cellshader map, not mention some devs haven't really created anything did contribute, but it still does't compare to amount of work if done on my map. The map looks simple but it really been lot of work due cellshading the whole thing, keeping in mind also that hammer is very outdated so working inside hammer takes much more time then inside blender for example. With that in mind i'm not gonna agree with raini that map makers should be treated as bag of crap, i won't come back untill things been set straight, and untill raini simple apoligize for their childish behaviour. There a few that have agreed and consider map awesome, if spend 1 month straight fixing the map to please a minority that did't like the map in its brightness. So i'm already quite pissed i did't get what i deserve without asking, let alone not getting it while asking. Treating map makers like crap just because of exclusiveness is the dumbest excuse if ever heared, and i will not accept it. Like and comment if you agree." Here is the link: I know this might be starting stuff but I only wanna show this to pretty much Simple and Raini and other members of this community. Thank you for reading it have a great day~ Scootz~ Edit #1: a total of 11 people upvoted it and 2 people commented saying they agree
  8. Yes I realize this goes in Boss suggestions but It's probably gonna cause a bit of a storm so I'll separate it. It's also been talked about in the past. Lets go back to the day when I was just starting up as a Moderator. Around that time Jug was the only Administrator that allowed Team killing during Discords rage due to "If they didn't, the rage would be useless". Most of us weren't convinced. Jump to today and suddenly Simple and Raini are both saying it's now OK? (Granted its only one per rage but still an Intentional kill). Now every admin is suddenly agreeing with them. I know they're the 2 highest powers but I feel I need to say something here. Do you wanna know why I hate intentional team killing? Because it dicks someone over and ruins their fun. Sure for a cheap laugh between friends on the occasion is fine or if you say Sorry, it's fine. But how would you like it if you got team killed every time discord was on? Not very fun is it? Now I've had this discussion/argument with several High powers and I feel the only way we're going to get an agreement is by simply removing the team kill part of the rage. It has caused enough trouble on the server as is and more stress on myself and possibly others. I cannot sit idly by and watch players lose fun in the server, that's how you get them coming back and donating to the server, actually looking out for them.
  9. I've had it up to here with video games and TV shows over sexualizing men! It goes against what I stand for and men had enough of it! We have gone through too much for Video Games and TV shows to raise the standard for what women look for in a man! Every single time I try to play a game, all the men in it are either incredibly handsome or incredibly tone and fit! This has gone on for long enough and it has to stop right now! With TV shows we have shows like UFC and WWE with buff and handsome men and they are always being over sexualized wearing nothing but tights or a tight muscle shirt and shorts! I'm starting a petition to get this removed else people are going to grow up thinking that this is ok!
  10. Please, watch the trailer before posting here. ANYONE ELSE SUPER HYPED? BECAUSE I SURE AM. This game is just pure amazing. Imagine the online multiplayer. If it's more than 2 people... *squee* Also, the game needs funds. If you want to throw money into the fire developer's pockets, here's a Link.
  11. A little thing I'm doing~ Basically just post your top five *whatever you like* here. I'm doing this because I'm bored, also to get a chance to communicate with the.... community. I'll start! Top 5 MLP:FiM Characters: 5. Rainbow Dash 4. Sweetie Belle 3. Discord 2. Twilight Sparkle 1. Spike Top 5 Disney Movies: 5. The Lion King 4. Mulan 3. Aladdin 2. Toy Story 3 1. Tangled Top 5 Western Animations: 5. Adventure Time 4. Fairly Oddparents 3. DuckTales 2. Animaniacs 1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Top 5 Various Shows For Older People: 5. Heroes 4. Seinfeld 3. American Dad 2. Community 1. King of the Hill Top 5 Anime Intro Themes: 5. Lupin III 4. Highschool of the Dead 3. A Cruel Angel's Thesis (from Neon Genesis Evangelion) 2. Tank! (from Cowboy Bebop) 1. Pokemon (Original) Top 5 Comic Book Superheroes: 5. Deadpool 4. Rorschach 3. Iron Man 2. Spider-Man 1. Batman Top 5 Video Games: 5. Kid Icarus: Uprising 4. Skyrim 3. Bioshock 2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 1. Super Mario Galaxy Top 5 Sources of Inspiration: 5. Literature 4. History 3. Music 2. Mythology 1. TV / Movies (Mainly Disney) Top 5 My Little Pony Artists (aside from the artists here): 5. AuroraChiaro 4. KP-ShadowSquirrel 3. Karzahnii 2. harwicks-art 1. johnjoseco Top 5 Ponyville Members: 5. - 4. - 3. - 2. - 1. EVERYONE HERE ~ <3
  12. I Read The hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy, Watched Stargate SG1, and played Team fortress 2. Bring on the Zombies. My team would consist of: Ford Prefect (and his baybelfish) SG1, from SG1, And all nine of those good old buddies from TF2.
  13. I like Masters of the Universe, or MotU for short. Seeing as they remade the series twenty years after the original, and have recently began to remake all the toys with incredible detail, there are like two generations worth of nostalgia. So here's a thread to talk about everything he-man. and here's some fun videos as a kick-off!
  14. I saw this on another forum, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, so i though i'd bring it here. The rules are simple; All you have to do is admit something, whether it be personal/embarrassing/weird/etc. to another member of the forums. I'll go first: Nikki Lyra, i find your helpful attitude towards me charming Who's next?
  15. Inspiration here Guys, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I will understand if you want to kill me with fire. EDIT: Time taken: Five minutes, which may or may not explain the crappy writing. If you want moar, please tell me.
  16. Rainbow Dash WANTS YOU to join her alliance! For too long have we remained under the boot of tyranny that is the Fluffy Empire! Their leader has been spreading the word that Fluttershy is best pony! Such blasphemy cannot go unchecked. As Rainbow Dash's prophet and chosen leader of her followers, I deem that the time is nigh for the Enlightened to stand up for what is right. For justice! For the truth! And for rainbows everywhere! This is the DASH ALLIANCE. And the reign of Lord Fluffy must come an end! HERE. TODAY. JOIN THE FIGHT. If you're interested in enlisting, here are some things to know--about the DASH ALLIANCE. 1. This thread is MANDATORY READING 2. Upon entering, you shall make an oath, pledging your unending will to Rainbow Dash's cause. I will not write this pledge for you. I do not reward mimicry! If you truly are of the heart to join the DASH ALLIANCE, you'll will know in your soul what to say, for Rainbow has blessed you with her guidance! 3. I will grant rank and prestige to those I deem fit--much of which will be determined by how I gauge your loyalty to the DASH ALLIANCE. 4. The Fluffy Empire is our sworn enemy. But pity them more than hate them--for they are simply ignorant and misguided. We seek to give them a second chance, and to see the light that is the DASH ALLIANCE. Current Roster: Rainbow's Prophet, Chosen One, and All-Around Biggest Fan. Also, your fearless leader. Rainbro Dash 2nd in Command Kino (pending invite) All other Ranks are yet unfilled. ENLIST TODAY
  17. Let's see how my writing skills are at 3 in the morning. But I feel as if a challenge was proposed and with Celestia as my witness I will accept it. Now, I have already expressed thoughts in a certain other thread claiming somepony else, that was in fact NOT Gummy, was best. However, I shall reiterate them here as well as add a few. 1) Now, can you honestly look at any other pony and be blown away by the holy, ethereal swag emanating off of them? Didn't think so. Those epic dance moves light up the dance floor more than an enraged pyromaniac could ever hope to. 2) Gummy's pimp hand is so big that we haven't come up with a reasonable analogy to describe it. In the tub with Twilight Sparkle, mackin it with Rainbow, and a 99% success rate of getting in bed with Pinkie EVERY NIGHT? You bet. If he wanted Celestia out of the throne, he would just take 3 minutes of her time, call any media outlet, and BAM! Instant career ruining scandal. 3) Gummy is in fact the most magically talented pony. Archaeologists have found documents leading some to believe Celestia was his apprentice. He also has had every single pony fooled into thinking he is an "Alligator" for as long as anyone can remember. This is merely a disguise to prevent your face from ripping itself off and lodging itself in your throat while your stomach and liver joust with your intestines at the sight of his extraordinary appearance. 4) Look at the Episode "May the Best Pet Win" about a couple minutes in, when the pony-pet-playdate participants perturb a poor prismatic pony (take that alliteration). Notice Pinkie's movements. Notice who, despite all Pinkie's physics shattering abilities, manages to actually hold on to her. That's pretty gosh darned impressive. 5) There is really no alternative pony to even think of being best. You see and hear those simpletons arguing over best pony, while none of them see the obvious truth. You can then calmly bring up that they are all wrong and enlighten them to the fact that Gummy is best pony. This will, in most cases, end the argument as everyone realizes that is the truth. I am dead serious about all of this. I hope it was an enjoyable read.