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  1. post feels 10 upboats = 1 crie 2 cries = 1 feel ~~~~<3 2 feels = out of teers ;_; ~~~~~<3 heers mine
  2. I Read The hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy, Watched Stargate SG1, and played Team fortress 2. Bring on the Zombies. My team would consist of: Ford Prefect (and his baybelfish) SG1, from SG1, And all nine of those good old buddies from TF2.
  3. I like Masters of the Universe, or MotU for short. Seeing as they remade the series twenty years after the original, and have recently began to remake all the toys with incredible detail, there are like two generations worth of nostalgia. So here's a thread to talk about everything he-man. and here's some fun videos as a kick-off!
  4. Where's the thread with all the spiderman memes? (We could talk about other threads as well.)
  5. Ok found these videos on youtube and to me I found them to be rather hilarious but what do you think about these pony thread simulators lol.. {Administrative Disclaimer: Sexually Explicit Video}