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  1. I had this cute little idea in mind for an RP. No story, no plot no nothing. Just your OCs and me as Discord. I'll have each one of you put in a different sort of ambient, creating new obstacles and interpreting them every time you surpass the last one, and, determined by wether you fail or not, discord you or not. All ponies, background and OCs alike, are allowed, as long as it isn't the mane six. Every time you are freed or discorded, you may enter another adventure using another character. A maximum of three may join an adventure at any given time. I'll start as soon as I get at least one person, and insert in it anyone else who may want to join. I am also allowed to use your characters to a small extent. For narrative reasons. Let the Games begin!
  2. This is him: Any idea what he will be and how he'll partake as the villain in the new season? By the looks of it, he kinda reminds me of Aku from Samurai Jack, except less menacing, but too villainous to be in a 4-year old's show. He could also be related to the Crystal Ponies, maybe as an emperor of some sorts. There are rumors that John De Lancie will come back for season 3, so it's possible that he's doing this guy. Then again, one can hope for Discord's return, because I doubt he'll voice this villain. In short, this is the discussion of the new season 3 villain that has yet to appear. DISCUSS