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  1. Well this one's a long time coming. Maps have needed help since before I came along. Videogames and I (mostly him) recently tested some old maps and we got pumpkinfarm out of that...but compared to even brand new startup FF2 servers, our map selection is terribly lacking. So I'd like to publicly discuss two things: A change to the map vote orderMore maps!MAP ORDER This one is easy. Map order is currently (extend) followed by a bunch of maps. Extend almost always gets picked. This was great until about 4 or 5 months ago, when opting out of hale was made an option. It used to be that even if a dozen players went on one map, it'd only be one run of the map per person. This is no longer the case...people are getting picked over and over which result in many people leaving. Extend should probably be pushed down to the last option, due to this new trend. MORE MAPS Here's a slightly updated version of a maps pack I sent off awhile ago. I've played a lot of FF2 on a lot of servers, and I just grabbed the ones from A to M that didn't obviously belong to other servers, didn't have exploits, and aren't too large, be it surface area or file size. AtoM.7z (this updated version has a much more VSH friendly version of the megaman map, and removes a koth map) What if we tried something like...add a bunch of decent maps and then have admins do testing. I think a decent number of these maps would make the cut, including: arena_coldfront_pb4arena_dam-it_b1arena_draft_b2arena_hydrothunder_b4vsh_apg_v2vsh_battle_creek_v2vsh_beach_xsp1b1vsh_cactustemple_v1vsh_cairo_pyramid_v8vsh_chemical_v1vsh_citypeak_v1vsh_cross_b3vsh_dunes_b2vsh_hac_castlecanals_v4_texvsh_halo_foundation_v1vsh_hydro_pb2vsh_lakeside_pb1vsh_megaman6_b5d
  2. Hello everypony! I noticed there are a few key individuals who enjoy mixing time travel and all the fun fiascos that entail as much as I do. So, I decided to create an RP for all those guys and people wanting to join in on the time travel talk. I guarantee there will be endless fun, and I hope Septus and Dr. Whooves see this. Feel free to jump in at any time! That is the joy of time travel, after all. *Ahem* To start off.... IC: Stargazer and Delta walked through the library of the Hall of Time, deep in conversation. "So the Council is starting a new team." Stargazer spoke quietly, not wanting to spread word around. "Why are they doing that?" "I don't know. Honestly, I thought they learned certain time travelers shouldn't be given such.... priveleges." Delta whispered. "But why am I needed back? I thought you were the new guardian." "I still am, but I suppose they need the best for the new assignments."
  3. Yeah, i just want to know. What times is the Server up? Because right now i tried getting on and it says "Cant reach server" So i just want to know. What time is the Server Activated?