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  1. Me: "Gah, im SOO bored... I KNOW!! I'll start a thread!" And that's how Equestria this thread was made! So, if you have an avatar/OC, and if it has a backstory, what is it? Mine would be: At a young age Pencil Doodle's parents were violently killed in the crossfire of a terrible war that crippled his homeland. While search parties where sweeping up the reckage and gathering fallen bodies, he was found under the rebel of his house. He was then taken back to an orphanage in Canterlot, he showed great magical potential during childhood, and was enrolled as a student of Princess Celestia. He is currently studying and working under her, but also studying the dark arts without her knowing, growing more powerful to get revenge on those responsible for his parents death's... now of-course that has nothing to do with my real life, but meh...
  2. So, let's talk about maps. I know Sarysa also made a post about this, but it's mostly about adding maps, this topic is about getting RID of maps. There are maps we like, and there are maps we absolutely hate and I am talking about those overplayed, sniper filled and god awful movement maps. What maps I feel should be removed and my reasons why. -Crevice Overplayed, Over Rated and everytime this map is played some people even LEAVE the server cause how bad it is and the amount of snipers we see there are at least 8-10 snipers every round. The talk yesterday on the server made it clear this map should be removed -Dunes There is one game breaking spot that literally makes it so teleport hales CANNOT reach the spot and is a massive struggle for normal hales to even get to it, if you are a engie and have a airblasting pyro, this certain spot here can downright win a round no matter what. -Orange Please, this map is another map that should be removed because how bad it is. The map is so orange it hurts the eyes, you keep on falling threw the floor and have to walk back up the stairs and it's downright bad. -Chemical This map has so many invisible walls it's not even funny, the layout is awful and the designer made most of the map unplayable on. -Beach Awful, just awful. Sniper heaven, horrible slopes, water is missing textures, terrible colour, so laggy and everyone hates it. You can hit the hale from spawn, break the map in some places. Please this one needs to be removed. -Megaman I honestly like this map... before it was updated. The update made the map so big and so laggy it's really hard to play, if we can go to a earlier version map should be fine. -Apg This map is decent I have nothing wrong with it, it's just how buggy this map is. There are so many bugs everywhere it's not even funny. Alright, well there goes my rant, if any of you have anything about this list or want to add to it comment below would be lovely.
  3. I'm putting it here since it's pretty unlikely that it'd fit in the ecosphere, but I just feel like shouting out to the world: Pretty much inspired by bullet hell in general, not to mention VSP's Donut Steel. (whose code originated from Blitzkrieg) The whole idea came about from me and the creator of Blitzkrieg goofing off on an empty server in noclip. It's nice to have had the opportunity to make something completely from scratch. Anyone who's spoken to me about modding knows how frustrating FF2 modding can be at the time...and there's something to be said about having complete control over a project. I got into this knowing it'd only cater to a niche audience so I've managed my expectations, but that still won't stop me from hoping it succeeds. :P
  4. We were all talking about it in chat, and I do agree that fluffy would make for a good admin since he has good characteristics for the making of one(And he won't be a badmin). So how about it, if enough people agree, Fluffy admin 2013?
  5. If you've seen popular British panel show Mock the Week, you'll already know how to play this. But for those who haven't, I'll explain. I reveal a scene we'd like to see (e.g. Unlikely things for Fluttershy to say, or "Things you wouldn't hear at the Best Young Flier competition"), and everyone contributes their suggestions. Every so often I'll change the topic. Try to make them as funny as possible. If you still don't get it, watch this video. The first subject is "Things you wouldn't hear Twilight Sparkle say."
  6. If you could have the powers of any two superheroes/Supervillians or Regular heroes/villians who would it be? My only request is that nopony do broken combos(Because they are booooriing!) and if you can using obscure people can you please say their powers. Also say why you picked them. It's interesting to see ones flow of thought. Mine would be of 2, Hazama(BlazBlue) and Albert Wesker(Resident Evil) or Garland(Final Fantasy I/Dissidia) and Iron Fist(Mahvel) Hazama/Wesker combo because I just think it would be a pretty sick combo to have. I would be a great fighter and have the power of both of the uraboros. Along with the ability to transend dimensions. Iron Fist/Garland because that would give me sick martial arts and a sword like Garland's own. Also being part Garland would make me part Chaos. But wouldn't being part Iron Fist cancel that out? Hmmm, ill have to think about that one...
  7. So i came up with the idea of making the dragon class Now the magic thing here is that this class is immune to lava but possibilities are able to set things a flame and flight, but if flight is incorporated pegasus will need to buffed leave your thoughts
  8. So i came up with the idea of making the dragon class Now the magic thing here is that this class is immune to lava but possibilities are able to set things a flame and flight, but if flight is incorporated pegasus will need to buffed leave your thoughts
  9. Being bored and wondering when to reinstall minelittlepony, any ideas when the new server is going up? Btw are we incorporating PARK into the new server map :)?
  10. Okay so, i just had this simply amazing stupid idea i wanted to try, the last pony to post here will get a pet turtle and as many bits as i can spare!! Rules:there is a 2 post wait time, and an 12 hour limit, if you are the last poster for 12 hours, you win. and now starts round 1 GO!!