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  1. i'm quite surprised there's no modding thread in the forums... as i couldn't find anything related to this, i might as well start a thread about it. Mods (or video game modifications) are 3rd party developed games made using the source code and engine from another game, then releasing it as freeware. they actually expand the experience each game can offer, as they include a storyline, unofficial bug fixes or a whole new gaming experience. i think the most viable mods are the ones made for source engine. easy to make compared to others and without any limitations besides the dev's imagination and graphic quality. i'm pretty sure some of you may find this as an alternative to playing, say, HL2 all over again, without buying any other game, nor downloading 20 bloody gigs. besides, mods are quite interesting regarding their community. people who play mods tend to have some modding talent. for instance, mapping, skinning, 3d modelling or coding. i myself make skins for my clan. Think about this. maybe we end up with a very interesting discussion here. -Koach