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Found 2 results

  1. Krucification's Art Dump Just decided to start this up to show you guys a little bit of my work. First off, my dA Gallery I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. I'll be posting a couple of other things here shortly, concept art, thumbnails, all that jazz. Hopefully you'll like that as well.
  2. Hello everypony, I thought I'd share some of my own art work, kinda getting tired of the Gallary, especialy when I kinda used up my space...... yeah.... can't blame a guy for wantin to show his pics, can ya? Anyways these are some of my own characters, along with some of our favorite ponies in the show. I still have yet to draw more canon ponies. but.... you know. give me time. First off this is my favorite pic, this my OC Pony, Teck Tik, kind of High Teck (my Ponysona/first OC's) Twin Sister. though she's from a Mirror Dimension of Equestria..... kind of a Rule 63 HT if you will. <Bio and full size pic and ofcourse here is MY No. 1 Favorite Best Pony, Twilight Sparkle! <Full size pic here) And here is High Teck's baby sister, Jenny. and yes I know I posted her in the Gallary before. but again alot of these pics won't be posted in the gallary. <Bio and full sized Picture and, its the Angry Video Game Mare, LUNA! <Full pic and all that good stuffs) My Ponysona/OC himself, High Teck. and Lastly for now, Spacetwilight! ......yeah I created her as a mutated clone of Twilight Sparkle.... she's ment to be a new super villian. but. I can already tell nopony likes her. so yeah. <Bio and such) Thats it for now. hope you all like this stuff. if Mods feel fit they can delete this thread.