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Found 2 results

  1. This is a bit of an offshoot of FirestormXL's thread. I've improved a bit since I kept saying "too hard, not likely, etc" to the point that a Fluffle Puff hale is theoretically possible. Now that I really think about it she's probably easier to do from a technical standpoint than Sea Pony was...but the real issue is she is mind blowingly popular. Engaging in such an endeavor would open the poor fool to criticism from all sides, about a half-dozen backseat designers would come out of the woodworks saying THIS IS HOW MY FAVORITE PONY EVAR SHOULD BE, and so on... So lets start this discussion with a side-by-side: I've already seen people groan at the image on the right...but lets face it. Fluffle Puff is a very, very 2d creation graphically. It's much like many anime hairstyles where it tends to look like garbage when you try and translate it into 3d space...only it's that phenomenon on steroids. No matter what way she's facing, she'll always have the spikes that are impossible to translate into 3d space. I personally think that Pika-Robo did a reasonable job without keeping the poly count too high. That's a second concern that's especially poingnant -- if we had every single spike in her profile then added a third dimension, she'd have tens of thousands of triangles, which is just no good. I hope I've established my reputation well enough as a rage designer and coder that you'll trust me when I say I'll make absolute sure that Fluffle Puff's rages (and more) are appropriate to boss and not some rehash. For example, I'd like her melee kills to be gentle, i.e. replace the typical death with a stun+hearts unusual aesthetic before the player just falls into a gentle ragdoll. Maybe add merc audio quotes before the death. That's not even a rage, but it's one of the touches I'm considering for this very special hale. Anyway, I outlined some of the requirements around the end of FirestormXL's thread for making a Fluffle Puff model that meets peoples' expectations, but before I even consider getting involved with this I'd like to get community opinions. Starting with Pika-Robo's design, bearing in mind the boss would be a quad pony, yay or nay? (and not to bias the poll too much, but considering the fact I've mentioned countless times how I'm not an artist, if it's rejected, I'd wait for someone else to come along and make a model that the majority can profess their undying love for before I get involved with animations and coding) Incidentally, the pillow that FirestormXL made, I'd still love to use it...and of course I'll give credit.
  2. Another poll, with unis for now. Also, no, I don't support Twilicorn.