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  1. Hey everyone Heart Shatter here to tell you guys to join in on the fun using this thread and pretend real life is a video game and start making comparisons. Example: This game called "Life" kinda sucks. The respawn time takes too long. And you can only level up once a year. HAVE FUN
  2. Soooo... TrotMania. For me, it is a match made in heaven. You take my most favorite game of all time, Dance Dance Revolution, and you add a crap ton of pony songs, and custom themes. That is freaking awesome. Sadly, none of my friends play it, which means I always have to play by myself :(, but it is still amazing nevertheless. Not much to say, I love this mod. And if there is anyone who loves DDR as much as I do, and likes ponies, then download this mod.
  3. So, here's a fun experience to sum up shortly - Disciples III was already a pretty massive disappointment, but I'm playing it because of lack of things to do right now. So I've been (for lack of better words) grinding my way though the Demon campaign when suddenly there's this big 6000HP bruiser who pops up at the end. And at first glance he looks nasty - the previously mentioned 6000HP is equal to two Black Dragons, he can spam critical hits that do incredible damage like there's no tomorrow, and he's got a tonne of special abilities. Only one problem - the Developers (because Kalypso are terrible, terrible developers) forgot to give him Immunity to Paralysis. ...Guess what ability I unlocked in a previous mission was? So I managed to stun lock him, and it was 20 Minutes of grinding down 6000HP. And it's not like this was a boss at the beginning of the Campaign - this was the very final boss fight at the end of the Demon campaign. ...So it got me thinking, anyone have any similar experiences they want to share? Oh, and for the record I should mention I'm not done yet - I got the final campaign with the Elves to get though, and then the add on pack with the Undead. Expect things to maybe possibly get more comical towards the end, folks X3
  4. So as some of you might know there is a game that is being worked on at the moment called, Super Smash Ponies that will be, you guessed it, a crossover between the well known game Super Mario Smash Brothers Brawl and our beloved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. EQD Post (referring to the major graphics update) This topic is for those who are interested to hear about updates and talk about updates for the game! Anyways, if you have any questions I will try my best to get answers for you. ;)
  5. Brick Force is a combination of minecraft and a first person shooter game where you can build you're base like you would do in minecraft and also after building you're base you can have matches against other players. This game is in beta but here is the site where you can signed up to be able to play. here is the site also closed beta begins in february 28th .