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  1. Hello everypony! My name is Secrios, and I would like to present to you my wacky fan series "Blue Spy" (It has ponies in it :D). It is a touching tale of love and loss, as a Blue Spy falls in love with Rarity. So far two episodes have been made, but there will be more. Bellow you can see the two finished episodes now :D!
  2. So after seeing Cinnamon Groove do this with movies, I thought to myself "Why hasn't anypony done this same topic for games yet?" Well instead of looking for the answer to that question, I decided to start the thread myself. Basically, the rules are the same as the movie version of this thread: - Play a game - Display your opinion about it as well as why you felt that way if you feel the need to describe such info (details are very much encouraged) - Post description(s) in spoiler blocks if you deem it necessary* *For those of you who don't know how to do spoilers (like me before this site), you basically put [ and ] with "spoiler" in between in front of your spoiler text and then you put [ and ] with "/spoiler" after your spoiler text. And no, it doesn't have to be put in bold. The final rule is one that I believe most bronies will follow regardless of me posting it, but just in case: Love and Tolerate. This is a forum for opinions to be posted and read, not to be critiqued upon. If you read a post where you disagree with the opinion stated there, keep the disagreement to yourself and consider the other person's point of view instead. Thank you /)
  3. Just started this post because I saw a "what music are you listening to" forum and thought that if we were to do the same with video games, it may have a more lasting impression because games are played until they are beaten which usually takes a few days at least depending on the game, especially nowadays. The way I'm thinking this should go is for everypony to say the game or games they are playing with the console they are on next to it. So to start this off, here are the games that I am playing, or rather replaying because I have no new games to play nor do I have the money to spend on any new games. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time (PS3) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)
  4. okay so the VGA's are airing on firday, so is anybody gonna watch it and if so what games do you except to win or what games would you like to see nominated
  5. So ummm, I think this is the right place to post this right?, If its not, tell me and il move it right away, but anyways, I did this cause i was bored... [media=] I understand if you dislike it because I dislike it myself, but I still posted it because I kind of want to know what you guys think of it because it might just be the best thing ive ever created in Fl studio...
  6. I just finished editing a PMV today, check it out and give feedback. Be nice, it's my first This is a PMV of "Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta" by the Geto Boys. I included lip syncing and video synchronized to the lyrics. Tell me what you think.
  7. I just had an idea of how to make Skyrim 20% cooler in 1 video flat. Basically, my idea is that the theme to MLP:FiM is slightly modified and dubbed into a montage of appropriate Skyrim stuff. I have some proposed lyrics for it: My Little Skyrim Aah-etc. My Little Skyrim I used to wonder what this game could be My Little Skyrim Until your arrow went through my knee. Big Adventure Tons of fun A fus-ro-dah yell These foes are strong Picking pockets is a novice feat and magic makes it all complete Dont you know this is the very best game. (my apostrophe key does not work) Anyway, these lyrics are totally tentative. It would be great to see something like this made. Please repost this on any other pony or social sites you wish. If you wouldnt mind... You can also post your own ideas for everypony to see.
  8. Ok first of all I am having troubles as of today I can not log unto minecraft at all cause it always says log in fail..Secondly when I try to go to the main site of minecraft and type in my email and password it always says " Oops, unknown username or password."... when I know I type in the correct info when I try to log in.. Secondly every time I try to change my password it always " User not found " every time I click on submit query so I can not change my password either..But when ever I try to verify my email it always goes through with out any prooblems and I know that I never gave no one any info about my password or email...So I am not sure if I have been hack or what or if theres any way to fix this situation cause I'm not about to cough up another twenty bucks on this game I will do what ever it takes to fix this problem.