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  1. Post your ideas for TF2 weapons! Be they completely brand-new ideas, revisions on current weapons you like to see, or even just re-skins, post them.
  2. Actually, stop and think about it, we've had a lot of indications that Wars do indeed happen in Equestria... Ep.1 ~ Celestian guards wear ornate gold armor & Nightmare Moon is seen wearing (some sort of) armor. (Later on the Lunar guards become cannon and they too wear armor) What is the point of armor, except to protect from weapons? All cerimonial armor throughout (Human) history has been based on real, combat grade armor. Ep.12 ~ Applebloom is seen trying to get a Karate cutie mark. Karate is a martial art, developed to be used in times of war. Ep.21 ~ Though unconventional, the conflict between the Buffalo and the ponies is (at least initally) settled by force of arms (or pies in this case...) Ep.27 ~ One of the statues in the Royal-Gardens represents "Victory." Ep.32 ~ in this episode, several ponies are seen donning 'Rad Suits' (Heavy, Yellow suits, with the Radiation warning symbol on the flank) a clear sign that ponies have at least split the atom... One of the first uses of radioactive materials was weapons. Ep.33 ~ Rainbow Dash names her pet tortise "Tank", presumably after the weapon of war, due to their shared resilience... Ep.35 ~ Pinkie Pie rolls out the "Party Cannon". which is clearly derived from a weapon of war... Ep.36 ~ The Wonderbolts are deployed in what could be considered a 'sortie' against the giant-Spike. Ep.37 ~ During the Hearth's Warming Eve play, several times the more militant past of the Pegasii are noted. Ponies are again shown wearing armor and for the first time are shown carrying weapons (spears). Also stone castles, in the sense of military fortifications, not a place, are shown. Ep.46 ~ Twilight makes reference to a "Great Pony War", which, while hightly speculative, sounds to me, as a reference to "The Great War" the original name for WWI, during the Pre-WWII era. Also, why would she so readily assume such a thing, if war was unknown in Equestria? Now I don't know about you, but that's an awful lot to be coincidence in my mind. ...Now I don't want to sound like one of those 'Lunar Separatists', but Celestia; you got some e'splainin' to do! ( *If I have forgotten anything, please remind me and I'll ammend the list! )
  3. Hi, I am new to the forums. Like TG+P Trixe!, I have a few stranges but I am uncertain on what to name them. I would like to ask for suggestions. They can be pony or refer to classic shooters (Doom, TS2, etc.) The stranges are: S. shotgun S. Southern Hospitality S. Sniper Rifle S. Medigun S. Half- Zatiochi Thank you for your time.