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  1. Well, this is awkward. I'm working on a boss that unlike my others, I'm actually releasing the code to the public. (and I've already pledged to elsewhere so I can't reneg, heh, see my alliedmodders post) It has very unique mechanics, and I'd hope to get the go-ahead to make a pony version (sent Raini a PM) as a super thin excuse to add it to VSP (think Judge Stallione) but well,'s a demonstration with more bugs and less polish than the current version: Ironically, if there were a pony version of her, it'd probably be released on VSP sooner than anywhere else, cause converting the actual character model from Unreal Engine would take a very long time. Anyway, I'm looking to test her extensively tonight at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific, since I imagine most folks will be available around then. I plan on using MC Village, Nucleus, and maybe Lumberyard for testing. I need to find bugs, balance issues, see what Bananable our resident game-breaker can do, etc. Aside from VSP being kind of a home server for me, it's also the place where I can find people who have most of the resources in my downloads folder already. ;) But testers will still need these: So sorry for the short notice, but spread the word. Feel free to add me on steam "sarysa" since I dunno what my IP is TBH and since my test server is my gaming PC, it can change whenever Verizon feels like changing it. Hope to see a good turnout. :)
  2. Let's see how my writing skills are at 3 in the morning. But I feel as if a challenge was proposed and with Celestia as my witness I will accept it. Now, I have already expressed thoughts in a certain other thread claiming somepony else, that was in fact NOT Gummy, was best. However, I shall reiterate them here as well as add a few. 1) Now, can you honestly look at any other pony and be blown away by the holy, ethereal swag emanating off of them? Didn't think so. Those epic dance moves light up the dance floor more than an enraged pyromaniac could ever hope to. 2) Gummy's pimp hand is so big that we haven't come up with a reasonable analogy to describe it. In the tub with Twilight Sparkle, mackin it with Rainbow, and a 99% success rate of getting in bed with Pinkie EVERY NIGHT? You bet. If he wanted Celestia out of the throne, he would just take 3 minutes of her time, call any media outlet, and BAM! Instant career ruining scandal. 3) Gummy is in fact the most magically talented pony. Archaeologists have found documents leading some to believe Celestia was his apprentice. He also has had every single pony fooled into thinking he is an "Alligator" for as long as anyone can remember. This is merely a disguise to prevent your face from ripping itself off and lodging itself in your throat while your stomach and liver joust with your intestines at the sight of his extraordinary appearance. 4) Look at the Episode "May the Best Pet Win" about a couple minutes in, when the pony-pet-playdate participants perturb a poor prismatic pony (take that alliteration). Notice Pinkie's movements. Notice who, despite all Pinkie's physics shattering abilities, manages to actually hold on to her. That's pretty gosh darned impressive. 5) There is really no alternative pony to even think of being best. You see and hear those simpletons arguing over best pony, while none of them see the obvious truth. You can then calmly bring up that they are all wrong and enlighten them to the fact that Gummy is best pony. This will, in most cases, end the argument as everyone realizes that is the truth. I am dead serious about all of this. I hope it was an enjoyable read.