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  1. Who here plays this game and absolutely loves it! I do if you do comment here and we can talk and I might even be able to help you 😉
  2. I wanted to start this topic because, let's face it, TF2 is getting boring. I still play it, but not as much. This game can be fun as heck if you play with a couple friends. What you do to them in the game is another story. Between blowing yourself up, electrocuting your friends, or pushing them off of cliffs, killing the enemy is just as fun. Tonight, for example, I played with my roommate and after a long and stressful day and it was so fun to just play and have fun. This is probably one of the best games to take out your frustration in. I would love to play with anyone else that has it. It's a max of four players though, so don't ask all at once. :P When I manage to get some screenshots while playing I will post some up on here. I'm usually too into the game to think about that kind of thing. There are plenty of different weapons and spells to choose from. How you play is completely up to you. I have Skype and vent so communication is not a problem. I could even get teamspeak(though, who uses that anymore) or something else like these. There's no need for Hamachi. It has the Steam multiplayer network so it makes it much easier to join. If anyone does wish to play and I'm not on your friends list, there's a link to it in my profile and be sure to let me know who you are please. I don't know everyone's steam Ids, unfortunately. -cheers-