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Found 2 results

  1. Ok everyone! Welcome to the name-game thread the rules are simple: You must reply in a single word that relates to the word above you. (The exception being titles, such as band names) EX: cat - feline - animal - ram - Dodge - ball - basket - picnic - Yogi Bear - theft, ect I'll start: Pony
  2. Let's play a vocab game. The rules are pretty simple. Read the word the last person posted. If you know it without looking it up, write a definition. Maybe double check, you don't want to be caught out. If you have to google it, just admit it and the game continues. Then, post the word for the next person. If you're digging up a word from the bowels of a dictionary or thesaurus to stump us, let us know that too, so we know what difficulty we're looking at. I'll start. Ersatz