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  1. hey everypony! today i had a crazy awesome conversation with a newfoal named Cinnamon Grove. it all started with a simple question about my pony character DarqTempest. the question was "Does your Pony have any background or interesting traits?" well it turned to me cranking out like a chapters worth of matrieal in the span of 2 hours heres the raw conversation Well his name is DarqTempest (naturally) he is a pegasus who was born in cloudsdale but moved when he was 12 to neighvada (im making most of this up as i go) 8:50 PM Cinnamon Gr...I'm ready 8:55 PM Cinnamon Gr...*listens intently whilst eating a muffin* Drake801 WTF Cinnamon Gr...o.o sweetiebellepede DarqTempesthis cutie mark is a thunder cloud with a chef's knife through it. it symbolizes how fast he is in the kitchen (im in culinary school).(still working DarqTempeston the cutie mark 9:00 PM Cinnamon DarqTempeststill typing lol 9:05 PM Cinnamon Gr...I'll have another muffin Cinnamon Gr...I'll have another muffin DarqTempestanywho after years of working in the mines of neighvada, Darq finally earned enough money to open his own resurant in ponyville DarqTempesthe moved to ponyville and opened a bar resturaunt "The Darq Mare" in the center of ponyville. the name kept most background ponies away (bitches). He was about to give up when a blue pony flew in with 5 other ponies following DarqTempestthe other 5 ponies were griping to leave and go to a fancyer place but the blue pony insisted on eating at his modist little establishment saying things like "cmon you cant beat booze and food!" DarqTempestgasp gimme a sec.......brain clogged DarqTempesthow ya like it so far? 9:15 PM Cinnamon Gr...s'cool DarqTempestam i being a little too long winded? Cinnamon Gr...pretty good. The mining thing is pretty unique. but please continue, I love hearing this. Cinnamon Gr...err, reading this DarqTempestgod damn i should do this more often DarqTempestanywho *clears throat* DarqTempestthe blue pegusus flew up to the bar and said "hey dont i know you from somewhere?" DarqTempestdarq thought, "yes....i have seen her somewhere...years ago in cloudsdale". (btw im doing this in more of a story format from now on) DarqTempest"i think i do. did you go to Cumulus middle school?" darq asks the blue pegusus DarqTempest"oh my gosh! Temppee? is that you? oh my gosh its been ages! how the hay have you been?" said the blue pegugus DarqTempesttempee? darq knew only one pony who called him tempee. "R-dash? oh my god! I've been great! hold on." darq says, while grabbing 6 bottles of the finest dark ale in equestria (after all, he isnt going to serve beer he wouldnt drink himself :)) DarqTempestsuddenly the purple pony accomponying R-dash coughed. Rainbow said "oh sorry, lemme introduce you guys! guys this is tempee. we used to be neck and neck in the best young fliers competition for years!" DarqTempestphew gimme a sec 9:35 PM Cinnamon Gr...ayup DarqTempestjust got out of the zone DarqTempestand its Eyup Cinnamon Gr...srry, eyup DarqTempestso what time you gotta get off? or are ya just gunna stick around? Cinnamon Gr...i got another hour before i gotta think about getting to bed DarqTempestalright *cracks knuckles* lets do this DarqTempest"hi im twilight sparkle" said the purple unicorn. "Nice to meet you. Name's Applejack" said a southern voice coming from the yellow pony alredy drinking the beer. "I'm Pinkie Pie!" said the pink pony with her head in the bar nuts bowl DarqTempestdid i put yellow? i ment orange 9:40 PM Cinnamon Gr...nah, your thinkin' of her auntie Cinnamon DarqTempest"and im Rarity" said a white unicorn while eyeing her beer. "do you serve cosmos?" said rarity. Darq Then grabbed various bottles from under the bar and quickly had a perfect cosmo served up. DarqTempest"wow...that" said a tiny voice in the back. Rainbow then rolled her eyes and said "the tiny cowering one is fluttershy". "nice to meet you gals, and thanks for the complement fluttershy" DarqTempest"would you guys like some food? best bar food in equestria!" said darq putting on his best pitchman voice. Rainbow then looked at the menu and said "well i want a filly cheeseshroom sandwich, 4 slices of daffodil and grass pizza, and some more of that beer" 9:50 PM Cinnamon Gr...i bet that samwich tastes like mushroom paskes DarqTempest"you guys want anything?" asked the blue pegugus. pinkie pie looked at the menu and said "Lemme get the nachos!". applejack said "just get me a couple more rounds of that fancy beer thank ya". "alright rarity, flutterhy? would you like anything?" said darq. DarqTempest"rarity perused the menu and said "you serve anything thats not........fatty?". "yes we do! ill make you a salad niccoise" said darq. "ooh! you are classicly trained?" rarity asked. "nope i actually learned.." darq started. only to be cut off by rainbow saying "hey darq remember the 15th young fliers qualifying round?" DarqTempest"yeah" darq said while chopping vegitables and tossing them into containers and pans on burners. "wasnt that the one when i crashed into the cloud the judges were on?" he said while finishing up the salad niccoise and sliding it to rarity DarqTempest"tempee here rivals me in speed, but when he hits the high speeds he lacks coordination" said rainbow dash as a plate with a sandwich piled high with cheese and mushrooms was slid in front of her. DarqTempesta tiny voice belonging to fluttershy then said "you are faster then rainbow dash? how is that possible?". "well" said darq as he then pulled 4 hige slices of pizza from the oven DarqTempest"while it is true that i am faster, once i get to a certain speed i start loosing control and usually crash into the nearest object" he said as he expertly kicked a fully loaded plate of nachos to pinkie pie. "twilight, fluttershy? anything?" twilight shook her head. fluttershy then mumbled "i dont like beer". darq then pulled a little black book from the side of his apron and flipped through the book. he stopped on a page and said "this is just what you need". he then pulls out various bottles from under the and expertly mixes up a pink smoothie like drink. DarqTempestfluttershy takes a sip and screams "OHMYGOSHTHISISTHEBESTDRINKEVERWHATISIT?!?!??!". "just somthing i whipped up when i was home from working in the mines. i called it "the lifter" cuz i always made me feel better after a long day" DarqTempest"wow thats the most youve ever spoken in one day fluttershy! anyway so what happened? one day you were just gone!" rainbow dash asked. "well my parents had a devorce. my dad took me to neighvada with him while my mom stood in cloudsdale. i was living there ever since. i took a job in the mines and i kinda got stuck there building high tunnels that earth ponies couldnt get to DarqTempesteventually i got enough money to move here and start up my dream! owning a popular bar!" DarqTempestgasp block DarqTempestbrain block 10:20 PM Cinnamon Gr...least its not brain freeze DarqTempestoh i am so saving this. this is good DarqTempestanywhozen. 10:25 PM Cinnamon Gr...s'pretty good so far. cool to see the ponies eating actuall food, not just desserts. DarqTempestyeah thats how my equestria rolls bitches Cinnamon DarqTempestbooze in every resturant DarqTempestanywhozen. DarqTempestrainbow dash looked around at the empty bar and said "i dont think this is very successful man. no offense." "yeah, 1 month open and ive only gotten the occasional barhopper. i think everyone is scared of the name. i cant change the name though. it has run in my family for years!" said darq sounding defeated. FLuttershy then said "maybe a change of name isnt in order but advertisment. the drink you made me could bring in plenty of customers if someone tried it." pinkie pie then said "ooh ooh! I HAVE AN IDEA!" "is it a party pinkie?" said twilight DarqTempest"how did you know? are you phycho?" said pinkie pie. "NO no a party would be perfect" said darq with the look of extreme thought. "if we can get enough people here we can get this place hopping!" DarqTempest"great see you tomarrow!" said pinkie while skipping twards the door. darq looked puzzled "wait how am i going to get this done by tomarrow?" "ive got it! just take care of the food" said pinkie as she trotted out the door. DarqTempest"well i guess ill see you tomarrow" rainbow dash said as she started to pull out some money. darq just shook his hoove and said "no your money is no good here. have a nice night girls!" the 5 ponies started walking out the door. all except for fluttershy who stopped and said "thank you for the food. and the drink" the light hit her in such a way that darq lost his words in his throat. he could only manage a faint squeeky "your welcome". fluttershy giggled and walked out the dooor. darq felt a weight let go of his chest and he sighed. he turned around and started washing dishes, waiting for the following night. DarqTempestphew chapter one bitches well there you go. tell me what you think. bare in mind i cranked this out from my flank so its not really refined. plus ts my first time writing and i think i might continue.