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Found 5 results

  1. Something i like to do is get to know not only the people of a community, but also the character's those people have created. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they shape a character's personality, and behaviors. As such, i have created the "Character introductions" thread. Where people can share and talk about either the character's they have made, or talk about what they think makes a good character. So with that said, feel free to talk openly about characters you have created, maybe you need help figuring out what direction to take your character? I hope that this thread will eventually become a place people can come to in order to discus good character design. And i mean Personality. There will be no judgment here based on appearances. Though you are more than welcome to share pictures of your characters. Just, to avoid cluttering up the posts, please use the BBcode
  2. Call it competitive motivation if you will, but I feel the need to ask what levels of productivity the writers among us typically reach. As for myself, I tend to sit around one page per hour, at 12-point Times, though double spaced -- which lately feels as though it should be improved. My tendency toward perfectionism demands that I'm content with what I write as I write it, which certainly saves time in editing, but in completing a first draft of a work, things tend to move at a slower pace. So, how much content are you able to grind out on a typical day -- and how much time do you usually find yourself spending in editing? Moreover, what techniques do you find tend to work for completing a story once you've begun it? Once you have an idea fairly well established, what enables or motivates you to put pen to paper?
  3. Mrs. K Needs Your HELP! *Dramatic Pointing* I just finished my first query letter and I need y'all input on it. Tell me what you think: feed back wanted!
  4. Can any of you experienced writer help us newbies with some tips? One thing in particular I keep coming across is that my motivation level drops when I finally get the chance to write. All day at work I'll be thinking about my story, but can't write there. I get home, sit down at the screen, cue up my story, and totally blank out, just staring at it like a dolt until I give up and go do something else. Anypony out there have the same problem? Anypony have other writing problems, or tips to overcome common ones?
  5. Hi All, Is anyone else taking part in National Novel Writing Month this year? I'm doing it this year, and I actually have a plan, unlike last year.