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  1. Not sure if i should start such a thing but why not.. let's give it a shot.. Now im my opinion i do not think Starlight is a villian or evil.. She was just doing what she thought was right to maintain peace and order amongst her fellow ponies... Now i feel some of you will disagree and that's to be expected and that's fine.. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the matter as long as it's kept clean.. As one of my friends said(Psychicpie) there is no good or evil... just sides... this is my reason for this topic.. becuase i believe that is true for the most part.. i think there is evil and good but for the most part it is just sides.. Fighting for what they think is right... Now when you vote please explain your reason.. why.
  2. Wait......there's a part of the forums that doesn't revolver around me complaining about things? Who knew. So I guess you can post anything here relating to the new episodes throughout the season. Whether it be thoughts about a specific episode, character, it in general, or whateveeeer. Since I better contribute to my own thread somewhat, I still hate Gilda, even after the episode today :3. And how about that episode 100 hype? Amirite?
  3. So what do you all think of the 100th episode? i absolutely loved it to death.. Nice to see some things cleared up like Lyra and Bon Bon only BEING FRIENDS c: I can see this bringing in new voice clips for bosses too. I loved Lyra's new voice and i loved bon bon's Secret agent deal xD All in all i loved it.. I also really liked Doc Whooves character too. i think it fits well.