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Found 5 results

  1. So, I play L4d way more than tf2. Was wondering if anyone played L4D as well? Also, will there be a l4d server?
  2. With the upcoming 2012 end of the world, likely brought about by a Zombie Apocalypse, I thought now would be a good time to share survival plans and tips. This way we have ample time to train and prepare for the event. Let's hope we all make it through, to start a new society based on Bronyhood and the Elements of Friendship.
  3. I found this picture and I thought it would be funny to see what others get xD this is what I got: 1. Rock your socks -Tenacious D 2. Papagenu -Tenacious D 3. Turtleneck & Chain -The Lonely Island 4. My Band -D12 5. No Sleep -Wiz Khalifa 6. Cinderella Man -Eminem 7. On My Block -Scarface 8. 40 Oz. -D12 9. When I'm Gone -Eminem 10. Psychosocial -Slipknot
  4. Woooo Killing Floor! Idk why I made this, I just saw that this little section has no threads and I felt it was nessisary to put a random one in here. :3
  5. People's faces being eaten by "Zombies"? 2012? Russia got the nukes? What is your plan for surviving the Apocalypse, whatever apocalypse it may be. Tell!