Rainbow Dash The 1st

3 reasons Fluttershy is most attractive pony

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1. She is the only pony capable of causing instant wingboners.

2. Rainbow broke into her house before cider season SO THAT THEY COULD GET DRUNK TOGETHER


There's definitely more than just 3 but I can't think of any right now.


I can agree with every statement here.

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alight i registered for this site just to throw in my two cents and i have undenialable proof that fluttershy IS INDEED THE BEST PONY AND THAT IS ONE SIMPLE THING.


their have been times where applejack has lied # applebuck harvest anyone?


their have been times where pinkie refused to make laugh happen # party of one anyone?


their have been times where rarity has been selfish # sister hooves social?


is there and episode where rainbow dash isnt taking a nap? how loyal are you when your asleep? and she totaly scewed over that turtle that when on to save her sorry hide.


and then theirs twilight sparkle the unicorn that was defeated in a flick of a wrist when trixie came back to town and resorted to using

fake parlor tricks (granted trixie was stupid to belive them so easily) but isnt twilight the ELEMENT OF MAGIC!! so what does that mean? is she only good for activating the elements of harmony? i guess so.


but i ask anybody here, has their been a time where fluttershy was unkind? (besides when discord poped up because that applies to everyone) the answer is no, no matter what fluttershy has always represented kindness with the integrity of a nun. plus face it RD fans when the ruckus is brung rainbow dash kicks it and flies away while fluttershy comes out from under her rock stares it down propably wispers * STEP OFF!!!* and the danger wets itself and cries... and that is 30% cooler than anything ive seen any other pony do. i rest my case


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This thread seems extremely random and all over the place.


But I'll just say I do find Fluttershy to be unattractive because her color scheme, eyes, voice, and...everything else.


I don't like Rarity's eyelashes or mane very much.


Pinkie is cute but better with straight hair.


RD, AJ, and Twi are all fine and pretty cute imo.

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