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[Tutorial] Ponyville "Join Server" Buttons

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yeah the widescreen version works fine

I don't think the low-res version was updated last I checked.

I keep forgetting that some people don't have the capability of running wide screen. More work for me, bleh...gonna have to wait until this term is over for me though which will be next week. Too much schoolwork at the moment.

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Instructions for those of us using a Mac?

For those using a Mac:

  1. Extract the contents of the archive and navigate to the "resource" folder.
  2. select and right click/command click the GameMenu.res file and choose 'Copy'
  3. open a new Finder window and navigate to ~/Library/Applications/Steam/SteamApps/*yourusername*/Team Fortress 2/tf/resource/
  4. Paste the the GameMenu.res file here, replacing the existing file.
  5. open the 'UI' folder of the archive and move the MainMenuOverride.res file to your tf/resource/UI/ folder
  6. Pray that someday Mac gets a sophisticated extraction program like WinZip

*** If you are running Mac OSX 10.7 Lion or higher and your Library folder is not shown:

  1. Open your finder
  2. Hold down Option/Alt and click the Go menu
  3. Scroll down to Library and open it
  4. Move the Library to your favorites bar.

You should also open your Terminal application and type in

 chflags nohidden ~/Library 

this will remove the 'hidden' tag from your Library folder.

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