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Random Requests from R800x


1. Let's add some regular guns that you could pick up.

   -Pump Shotgun



2. Let's add some effects to the vanilla guns.

   -Pistol - More rate of fire, less power.

   -Glock - 3 shot burst, more power.

   -Deagle - Less accurate, tiny bit less power. Enough to instant kill on headshots still.

   -HUGE - More accurate, less recoil. Barely any damage.

   -Scout - No crosshairs. Not too accurate unless zoomed in. Deals more damage when zoomed in.

3. How about some Karma Effects.

   -1200 Karma - Runs a bit faster, jumps a bit higher, able to hold more ammo.

   -1000+ Karma - Karma symbol (Trigger happy, dangerous, etc.) Is green with the word 'Trusty'.

   -900-1000 Karma - Runs a bit slower, recoil is multiplied by 1.1, damage reduced the same.

   -800-900 Karma - Runs slower, Recoil is multiplied by 2. 

   -799-500 Karma - Can only walk, recoil is multiplied by 4, damage reduced 2x as much. (Maybe)

   -500 down Karma - Can only walk, easy to damage. That should teach them to Mess with us.


  - Rename the Karma warnings/hints: 

     +Untrustable (999-900)

     +Disrespectful (899-800)

     +Banned from Equestria (799 down)


4. Donater effects.

  -Karma tag is replaced by 20% Cooler in Blue text.

  -After round, the 20% Cooler sign is above their head.

  -Donators spawn with a random weapon.

  -Donators as T Autospawn with a vest

  -Donators as D Autospawn with a Health Station.

  -Donators as Inno are spawned with a DNA Scanner on occasions.

  -Donators can see where they're being hit (Maybe)


5. GUI

 -Make the Server language use more MLP Related stuff. 

 -Make people freeze when using an act command.

 -Make the GUI overall a bit more MLP Related.

 -GUI can be toggled to Regular or MLP (If possible)

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I thought it spawned by type. My mistake...


Besides, if you go on a custom weapons TTT Server, they have them on maps that we have.

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*ahem* I'm just gonna ask for a 10-30% chance of a 'Fun' Round on. The ones with the Pinkie pies. And the twilights. With the guns. And the Fun! Fun!

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