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Recent Changes

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The recent changes on the server will be detailed here.

Thanks to Zimtower for being patient with me and for explaining things/ adding things to the server so quickly and reliably!

Added several changes to the config to balance out the gameplay.

The main change:

Karma is now VERY strict. The lower limit for being Karma banned is 450, but the speed at which it goes down has been increased greatly. Also, the starting karma is now 930.

It takes around 3-4 innocent kills in 2 rounds to get Karma banned. That ban is permanent, and as all bans may be appealed in the penitentiary. It is still in sort of a testing run, so if it ends up being too strict, it will be modified. As of now though, the ratios and everything else seems well adjusted.

Starting karma is 930, you can earn your way up to 1200 if you are being a sensible player. That will give you some more room in regards to accidental RDM. It also should work to ban RDMers quicker.

Other changes:

The voice chat is now limited, so don't talk for a unecessarily long time. It does recharge, but you might not be able to call out someone via voicechat if you were talking for like 30 seconds straight before getting killed.

Maps like minecraft and thething have new weapon spawn points added, due to the previous lack of weapons.

Detectives now have 2 starting credits.


Soundlist has been implemented thanks to Sparkle Dash! Now adjusting the play limits and the appropriate sounds for TTT.

hell_deaths has been renamed to ttt_doom_v1 and has been updated with less barrels and more weapons. In another update to it, I removed the disc throwing machine because it was being abused by fools.
8 new maps added.

Steam IDs now show up in chat upon a player connecting and/or disconnecting, that should make reporting of RDMers/hackers easier.


Player limit changed from 32 to 24.

Added 2 new weapons specific to Detectives/Traitors: Detectives get an MP5 (much more powerful than the MAC10, but fires much slower and has 15 bullets), while Traitors get a TMP (Silent kills, fast but is very inaccurate).

Added 2 more SWEPS, the Traitor AK-47 (Loud and has a lot of recoil, but is powerful) and the Detective Riot shield (Blocks bullets but takes up a pistol slot).

Big thanks to Zimtower again, the AK now has a custom pony themed icon!!!

2 new maps have been added, and 4 have been updated to the latest revisions avaliable!

Zimtower made 2 more pony icons, for the TMP and the MP5!
Minor karma recovering change. Now it should be easier to get up to 1200 if you aren't killing innocents as innocent.

AK47 got balanced, and the TMP as well. Now they are highly effective weapons, within their respective niches.

Karma is now persistent! It transfers from map to map, and for each user, from disconnect to the next connect.

Fretta map voting has been made more pretty and now restricts voting for maps that were recently played.

The MOTD is up! Make sure to read it carefully as all slays, kicks and bans will be based on the rules outlined there.

Made karma recovering slightly slower (the bonus that is applied when one does not kill innocents as innocent), it will go up markedly slower once it reaches a 1000.

The server was announced and made public at April 28th, 6:00pm PST.
All changes from now on will come in 1-week increments, the server usually being updated on monday night.

1st week updates:

Added 4 new maps.

Silenced Pistol got an accuracy buff, and the TMP got a reduction in accuracy.
Idle limit changed to 100 seconds (1 minute 40 seconds).

2nd week updates:

Voice chat drain slowed down slightly.
Name change during round now kicks instead of a 1-minute ban.
Prop possession by spectators adjusted in force and quantity.

3rd week updates:

The !motd command now works!
Loading screen has been changed by Zimtower! Enjoy the song!

Lowered MAC10 damage and increased spread, AK now has 20 bullets, less damage and more spread, MP5 now does slightly less damage and has more spread. Shotgun has been buffed.

Added another 4 new maps, replaced 2. More map additions are unlikely for a short while.

4th week updates:

Map cooldown now includes 10 maps instead of 4.

TMP/AK/M16 each do 1 less damage now, those should be the final balancing acts.

Added 2 more maps.

Sounds in soundlist are now quieter.

Zimtower made announcements! They will scroll 1 line every 4 minutes in chat and will include stuff new players need to know.

5th week updates:

Thanks to Malcolm-Reyholds, we now have a custom pony-themed scoreboard with pinkie pie as a detective!

Replaced 2 maps which were crashing people. Rooftops is now back, by popular request.

Votekick and voteban should now work for everyone, given that there is a minimum of 7 people on the server.

Player limit changed to 20.

12/4/2012 updates:

Server back online. Everything is pretty much the same way as it was before, save for very minor changes to the silenced pistol regarding its accuracy and damage.

There is now an !rtv command and an automated mapcycle that will change maps according to the maplist every 5 rounds or 50 minutes.

10 unpopular maps have been removed to trim down the varation and make the mapcycle more usable.

12/19/2012 updates:

Some maps have been added. Check the new maps thread for the current list. Scoreboard Pinkie is now fixed for everyone.

AK's accuracy changed. Riot shield is functional again.

Mapchange now occurs within 6 rounds or 35 minutes of play.


4/11/2013 updates:


The loading screen song has been removed, and now shows the community MOTD.


2 unpopular maps have been removed from rotation. Map order changed.

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