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Looking For A Graphical Designer

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(Not sure if I should post here, but oh well).

Hey there, everypony.

I'm in this situation where I'm in need of a graphical designer for my new youtube channel.

I would also want you to manage my channel.

Required skills:


After Effects.

What you'll be doing:

Video designing.

Youtube layout.

Managing my channel.

(By managing my account I mean by uploading the videos, 'n such)

Here are a few design ideas I've come up with:

For Electro House mixes:

Opacity on vector set to 63%.

For Hardstyle mixes:

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Fonts used: Courier New & Turnspike. (Feel free to use other fonts, but somewhat like these).

I want the Electro House Mix design to be simplistic with a bright gradient as background.

The Hardstyle Mix design, however, should still be simplistic but with a few more details than the Electro House Mix design.

I'd prefer if the text is around the same area. At least one vector, two if you can fit in an extra.

The -'s are supposed to illustrate that EQ-line you see in many music podcasts, such as


And the 0's are a timer. (Just in case anyone wonders).

Yeah, yeah... Rainbow Dash vector... I know. But only because she's just that awesome. Lol. tongue.png

In all seriousness, though, I would love it if you used a Rainbow Dash vector. tongue.png

Here's a quick mix I smashed together that you can use for the video.


Deadmau5 - Maths (Original Mix)

Justin Prime - Feel It (Original Mix)

Archie - Mystro (Original Mix)

P.S. you'll be doing this for free. So feel free to be writing "Design By: [insert name here]"

P.P.S. Upload your videos, if possible, via. zippyshare and send the link either here or in a PM to me.

Otherwise upload via. another website.

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TIME TO ASSAULT THE SENSES (click HD to lessen the blows)


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