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Recently I've received a number of complaints about uploads to the gallery that are close to being NSFW, or overly suggestive. Some of these images merely contain dialogue or scenarios that are inappropriate for display on the front page of the forums or gallery. While we try to be liberal about what users are allowed to discuss and post on the forums to some extent, what is posted in the gallery does appear on the front page and could cause problems for people attempting to browse the forum from school or work environments.

I would like to remind everyone that Rule #2 on these forums is "do not post or link to material that is obscene, pornographic, or NSFW." Even if something doesn't blatantly fall under that categorization, we do NOT want anything appearing on the front page that could be deemed inappropriate in a school or work environment. Please exercise discretion when uploading to any category of the gallery. There are plenty of other image hosts/boards that you can find online to host content that could be found questionable here.

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