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Short Story- The Invisible Man

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Just a short story that I had been thinking about for a while now, so here goes.

-Interogation room 33-

The light shone bright in his eyes, and his restraints were bound tight. He was used to it though, just another day at work. Just keep calm and answer whatever they ask you. He wished he had a cigarette right now, but they were never allowed during interrogations.

"Red spy 1138, Do you know why you are here?" the same male voice that had said the same question since he had been enlisted.

"Routine Interrogation. Protocol, sir." He said that last word with trace of mock.

"Is that so? If this were protocol we would already have you in the electric chair for what you have done."

"And what exactly did I do wrong?"

A new voice spoke. This voice he had been dreading. "Oh, for God's sake, cut the charades you idiot. This one will not crack so easily, and time is critical now."

The light in his face was turned off and he could see the rest of the room now. White walls mixing with white floor. The usual desk before him was gone, which was very out of place. This was no ordinary interrogation. They know, he said to himself. Standing before him was the administrator, lighting a fresh cigarette. Her iconic red and blue suit was replaced with a normal suit.

"I see the charades are off." he said.

"So it would seem." She said back with malice. Her whole face was contorted with fury. "Now, you can tell me where he is or I can kill you and bring you back in again for more interogation."

"I've been dying in the arenas for years now. Do you think death holds so much fear over me?" It was a bluff though. Death was always unbearable, they had insured that in order to create motivation within the ranks to become lethal killers.

"Death is the least of your worries now." She said back, smiling maliciously.

Before he knew what was going on next, a sharp searing electrocution flowed through every fiber in his body. He couldn't hold in the screams. The pain was more intense than any he ever knew. Even death felt like recreation compared to this. It was so much that his disguise broke. Instead of a red uniform, he was now clad in blue.

"So not all the charades are over," the administrator said with satisfaction. "Let's see how many faces I must tear off before I get what I want."

-Company Mess Hall(better known as "hell away from hell")-

The din was as loud as usual. Laughter and excited voices among friends could be heard, as well as the jeering between the force field separating teams. Medics were discussing techniques with fellow coleagues, while scouts harrassed the engineers. Well, scouts harrassed everyone, but they enjoyed messing with the engies the most.

One engineer sat down next to his only close friend, and an unlikely one, a lone spy who had been slowly picking at his food by himself. The engineer wondered why he was not eating like the others, who ate fast to enjoy the downtime.

"Hey, French Fry(the spy's real name before his enlistment had been Gaston, but names never really mattered anymore. it was now simple nicknames), why are you so down? Blue won today. We get a whole day off after announcements."

"I know, Tex. It's just.... I'm really not looking forward to announcements." He stared at his tray.

"Well, I understand having to see the executions are rather harshe on you guys, but at least then we know who is really on our team, right?" Tex tried to cheer up French Fry, but to no avail.

"What's the point of teams? I mean, I have nothing against the men on Red. Why do we have to fight them?"

Tex began feeling down. He set his fork aside. "I know how u're feelin'. But you and I both know why we have to fight. Saxton Hale." The name brought back terrible memories.

"I know.... but what... what if he wasn't around anymore?"

"If that day ever happened, why..." Tex took some thought. The idea never occurred to him. The thought of actual possible freedom. "Why I guess I'd go back home. What would you do?"

"I don't have a home...."

-Interogation Room 33-

The spy was panting now, gasping for breath. He had lost count of shocks now. The administrator had lost her smile, disgusted at how many disguises the spy was wearing. "Hit him again."

More pain, more screaming. Silence this time. He regained his breathe. "You... you still can't stop it."

"Dammit! Where the hell is Saxton Hale?!" She threw his chair to the ground. His face hit the floor hard, blood pouring from his nose. His current disguise was a red medic. He began laughing. In mock voice, he said "I'm afraid the patient is about to go critical."

Another shock. Now he was a red sniper.

"It's no use, mate."

"Hit him again!"

The man spoke up. "But maam, any more and-"

She turned to him. "He is mocking us and you start to babble?"

"Well no, i-"

Without hesitation, the administrator shot him. She walked over to the lever and held it down for numerous minutes. All that could be heard was yelling.

-Company Mess Hall-

A door opened in the half of the mess hall, and a podium rose from the ground. The force field broke around the stage, and a tall man in a drill unifrom walked out.

"Time for announcements." Tex said.

The speaker tapped the mic, making sure it was on before he spoke. His voice was gruff.

"Evening, ladies." he had his usual fake smile on. "I trust your day at the drycleaners was enjoyable." He snickered.

The catcalls were the same as they always were, but one hand from the speaker instilled silence.

"Now, it appears spy check is going to be even more fun today." There were cheers from most of the pyros and others. The spies remained silent as always. Some of their companions were quiet alongside.

"From what I have been told by my superiors, it seems one of you no good snakes really pissed off the administrator. The spy in question is in extreme interogation right now, but after that is over there will be a celebratory morning execution. And I mean the one with no revives, either." More cheering.

"So, the benevolant lady has granted me the ability to turn off revive as well for spy check and executions today. So I hope for you that your color is on straight." He sneered as he watched the look of horror and shock on the faces of several spies, and other classes.

"So that's how it is..." French Fry mumbled. "All or nothing." He looked over to the Red side and watched a pyro in the back come into consciousness. He was surrounded by several spies and a couple heavies who wore the same grim look as the spies.

Tex was confused by his friend's statement.

-Interogation Room 33-

Exausted, the spy could not see strait, his eyes were stained with tears. "Well, well, well." The administrator said. "Look who it was all along."

She stared down at the spy's current disguise, which was that of a spy. Only, the color sceme was neither red nor blue, but light grey.

"I remember you from day one of training. I believe you called yourself, what was it? The Invisible One?"

"It... Is.... The Invisible Man..... and I kept my promise. You thought you killed me all these years, but I was within the system the whole time." He stopped to gasp in more air.

"Where the hell is Red Spy 1138 then?"

"Set free years ago."

The administrator became furious. "Why are you here?"

"Because this is where I was called. This place needs to be shut down."

"You can't destroy us! We are untouchable."

"With your precious 'god' Hale alive, yes. But in about 10 more minutes that is all going to change."

For once in her life, surprise and fear shone over her face.

-Company Mess Hall-

Tex looked over to French Fry.

"What do you mean? After all, you are on Blue. I know you, you aren't a double agent."

The drill instructor spoke again. "So, any volunteers that would like a nice painless end?" Several spies stood up and surprisingly a good number of snipers. They met their fate with stone silence. Over on the side, the pyro was now trying to free himself from the three spies restraining him.

"And now I would like to have all non-spies fire their gun to prove their class." They complied, and more spies were discovered. They were pounced upon by the men they had been sitting by. Tex fired his pistol and then sat back down.

"Now comes the fun part."

-Interogation Room 33-

"What have you done?!"

Without saying anything, The Invisible Man broke his bonds with a simple jerk, and picked himself up. The administrator backed up in open fear now.

"It was really simple when I found you could add multiple disguises and use them on anyone. And then all it took was a little patience, some knowledge of the back doors, and time."

"What did you do to Saxton Hale?"

"I brought him down to the world of the average joes. Announcements today are going to be unforgettable."

-Company Mess Hall-

The pyro broke free and interrupted the drill instructor. He was shouting at the top of his lunges, which still made him hard to understand, but the message could nearly be certified. "Mmm Sxtn Hghll! Mph Shhht! MphShhht!"

The others were confused. The drill instructor began scratching his head. "What did he say now?"

A scout near the back said, "I think he's trying to say he's Saxton Hale." Everyone burst out into laughter, but the entheusiasm of the pyro and the attempts of the spies to restrain him caused the laughter to die.

"By god, is that boy serious?" Everyone now had their heads turned to the pyro.

"Can you believe this?" Tex whispered to French Fry.

"Unfortunately, yes."

"What do you mean?"

French Fry turned to the worried engineer. "I'm sorry, old freind, but I guess it seems only one of us will be able to walk away."

Before Tex could say anything, French Fry stood up on the table.

"Attention! That pyro is no Hale, but he is indeed a double agent! I should know, because I traded places with him!"

Heads turned back to him. Everyone knew French Fry, how could he be a fake?

French Fry felt a tug at his leg. It was Tex, looking up at him in confusion and fear. He realized what the truth of that statement meant.

"Please... no... It.. It can't be.. not today. No! I know you! This can't be true!"

"I'm sorry, old friend. It was the only way to get everyone else out. I did not expect the permanent death, but that is what life dealt."

He took his revolver out of his suit and pointed it up to his head.

"Make it back home, Tex." He said, before pulling the trigger."

-Interogation Room 33-

The administrator ran over to the control panel. "Computer, bring up Mess Hall. Now!"

The large screen came up in the middle of the room, and it began playing the security camera. There had been a commotion on the Red side, and a Blue spy just shot himself, showing his real identity. Everything turned to caos as people began spy checking those areound them. Soon, the fighting died down, and all that remained was the group of spies in the back and the pyro in the middle.

The Invisible Man was looking at the dead spy. "I'm sorry." he said, as if the monitor would carry the words to the limp body.

The drill instructor brought order again, but tensions were near breaking again. "Now, bring up this so called 'traitor pyro'"

The administrator had beads of sweat as she began to realize what was going on.

"Five bucks says I found Waldo." The Invisible Man said, satisfied. "It was the only way to keep him dead, though several good men lost their lives to make this happen."

"Those spies were traitors and backstabbers!"

"You made them traitors and backstabbers."

The administrator turned back to the screen, watching the events unfold helplessly.

-Company Mess Hall-

"Now bring up this so called 'traitor pyro'" The drill instructor said. Two soldiers grabbed him and carried him up to the podium.

"As for those spies, kill em."

But before the order could be carried out, the spies shot themselves.

The drill instructor chuckled "Well that just makes things easier. Now as for you, Mr. Hale. let's see if the real Saxton can take a bullet to the head."

Tex was no longer paying attention to the events around him. He was holding his dead friend, now in a red suit. He was holding back the tears, the heartache of betrayal. "Why?.." He whispered. He noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the breast pocket. He picked it up. It read:

Dear Tex,

I have no other idea how I could break this to you without blowing the mission beforehand. As you are reading this now, I want you to know that I am, and have been, your best friend. That was no charade. I also want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I had to keep this from you, that I told you half-truths the whole time. But most importantly, I'm sorry I can not walk out the doors with you. It's better this way, though. The mission could not have worked any other way. I want you to remember this for me. Do not lose faith in the humanity of others. It may seem like everyone is out to hurt each other, but really we are just hurting on the inside and don't know what to do.

With cincerest reguards, FF.

Tex couldn't believe it. He just sat there, reading the note over again. He was snapped back to reality with a gunshot though. It was the same shot that revealed the disguise of the pyro to be Saxton Hale.

Everyone stood still. The drill instructor held his gun in mid air as if unbelieving the firearm had slain his boss. During the silence, the force fields began to fall, and colors faded back to regular. There was no Red or Blue anymore, just white. The soldiers looked at each other, to their uniforms, and then turned up to the drill instructor.

He noticed their hatred towards them, and began backing away. "Now, fellas, you know this was all just good sport right?"

A demo near the middle yelled out. "Tear this twit to bloody pieces!"

In seconds the man was swarmed, and much cheering was ensued. With no teams, people began mingling with previous enemies and raising toasts to their new freedom.

Tex just smiled tiredly, and walked out the doors that had once been locked. Tucked underneath his overalls was the note.

-Interogation Room 33-

"Well." The Invisible Man said, brushing his blood off his suit. "Looks like my job is here."

He noticed the administrator was trying to edge away to the door. He pulled out his pistol, it's silver finish faintly glinting in the low light. "Not almost done. Just one more loos end."

The admin stopped. "Who are you? I mean, who are you really?"

He took his mask off. "I'm just a lost traveler passing through."

Please comment and tell me how you liked that. And yes, I am still working on the other story, but I just got sidetracked. I just thought it would be fun to write this one real quick.

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