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Ponyville Book Club: Tuesdays with Morrie Discussion Topic.

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Use this topic for discussing Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Remember that we do have a wiki page for every book that we read at While our previous wiki contribution effort was a little lacking, I am still committed to the idea.

Obtaining books

You're not required to have the book immediatly or even purchase it. Obviously it is in your best interests to get the book sooner than later so you can comfortably read and participate. Places to obtain books:

  • Online retailers (,
  • Chain Bookstores (Barnes and Nobles, Chapters, Indigo)
  • Libraries (it's free! all you need is valid photo i.d.)
  • Friends (bum a book off a buddy)
  • download an e-book

I would also like for you to post or pm me once you have the book. If you are unable to find a copy of the book or afford one yourself, please contact me and I will arrange for a pdf copy to be sent to you.

Managing your reading time

This month's book club pick clocks in just under 200 pages. That's only 20 pages a day for 10 days. We will discuss this book for the better part of July, I'd say about 3 weeks.

  • Read while using public tranist
  • Read just before bed
  • Read during lunchbreaks
  • Read while eating (some people are averse to it but I turned it into an art form when I was 10)

The nice thing about books is that they are portable and you can usually read while doing something else like running on a treadmill or read while cooking, or read while waiting for commercials to end. So get a little creative if you can't find the time to get in 20 pages a day.


Not everyone reads at the same speed so whenever you post something remember to use the [spoiler ][/spoiler ] (without the spaces) tags AND place a warning like

"Do not read unless you are at Chapter x"

That should be everything, happy reading chums!

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I'm not gonna participate BUT I have a little story that relates to Tuesdays With Morrie.

See I used to work at a book store long, long ago. And that book store, it would seem, was unaware of Oprah Winfrey's book club. Either it had recently started up or they just had their fingers far from the pulse of popular culture.

In any case, one day we got about 20 calls from middle aged women asking if we had the book "Tuesdays With Morrie" in. We had like 1 copy. So we had to tell a bunch of Oprahites that no, we couldn't sell them the book Oprah had just recommended for her stupid book club. They were furious with the kind of unique rage that comes from having 2.5 kids and possessing the dim realization that they had long ago left the best years of their lives behind.

Due to high demands for the book, we and most other book stores had something of an issue receiving and keeping the book in stock. The estragen* was thick and plentiful for about a full month. I grew to hate Oprah and her book club, and specifically Tuesdays With Morrie, although rationally, I should have no real reason to hate the book itself. The book was a victim, after a fashion, as much as I was in all of this.

Afterwards, Barnes and Noble got Oprah to give them seriously advanced notice whenever she'd recommend a book.

* I am aware of the proper spelling of this word.

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