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You guys are gonna be my second proofread following after a once-over that was done by Applejinx on Ponychan. Critique, comment or appraisal is welcome on any and every aspect of what I've written, from the most nuanced line to the synopsis and title itself.


Teaser Image


"Big Macintosh and Rarity flip minds and bodies.

Thanks a lot, Trixie."

Shipping/Friendshipping, Rated E for Everypony

Big Macintosh, Rarity, TG&P Trixie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy

English, ~12,000 words, Incomplete

Teaser text

Trixie didn’t feel so Great and Powerful without the proper motivation. Ever since the fiasco with the Ursa Minor in Ponyville, her shows felt a little lacklustre, and she knew it. She kept feeling a little off, calling herself the Greatest Equine in all of Equestria while missing… something. Perhaps it was the fact that she never really did any complex or intricate spells. Perhaps it was the way she presented herself on stage. Perhaps it was her intentional avoidance of internalized problems which she ignored by the efforts of her magic show. Perhaps it was her appetite.

There were a few things she remembered about Ponyville since she last was there; two dimwit colts that ruined her show, one very specific purple unicorn that really ruined her show, and that some place in town made the best soft-grain smoothie with extra hay that she had ever tasted. Trixie had returned to Ponyville despite the risks of those former meetings, in the hopes that if she might find whoever it was that sold those delicious smoothies, assuming that maybe their flavor might restore motivation for her talents. She finally found the café that sold it, and spent most of the late morning savoring her smoothie, hiding under the disguise of a tall grayish hat and a very boring, undecorated cape.

“Daily news! Hot off the presses, local and national news right here! Get the Canterlot Chronicle, Trottingham Tribune, Baydock Bugle! Two bits’ a broadsheet! Extra editions!”

A colt with a flat cap and saddle bag filled with papers walked past the eatery where Trixie sat. As he exclaimed his wares as he walked by, she gently leaned away. She rolled her eyes dismissively, taking another sip from the smoothie.

“Ponyville Express headlined ‘Hectic Hearts & Hooves Day: Love Potion Vindicates Vandals’ Read it all, right here!” the vendor read aloud. Trixie’s eyebrow piqued at the description.‘What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Express please.” Trixie held out an expectant hoof towards the paper held by the vendor, levitating a couple of coins towards him. She didn’t hear his thank-you as she focused on the main article, holding the paper aloft before her eyes. “‘Hectic Hearts & Hooves Day… A stallion and mare were found responsible for property damage in… that town… on Hearts & Hooves Day, but charges were not pressed. It was discovered that three fillies had given the two ponies a magic blah blah blah… investigation led to the directions given by local magicia- Twilight Sparkle.’” Trixie’s eyes narrowed as the paper crumpled in annoyance.

‘The pony that humiliated me!’ Trixie fumed; slapping the paper on the table. ‘Twilight Sparkle doing love magic?Everypony knows that stuff is just smoke and snake oil- or extremely dangerous. She must be doing it for show. But having it reported in the paper?’ Her cloud of magic picked up the smoothie again, but dropped it when her train of thought crashed into a realization. ‘She’s trying to be a showpony!’

“So she thinks she can out-perform the Great and Powerful Trixie with a magic love spell and flaunt it in a newspaper? Nopony can top my show-stopping abilities. I’ll show her!”

Story Link (GoogleDocs)

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