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I am actually taking the go ahead and making my first official MLP based fanfic. It's actually something I need to get off my chest, and I feel the only way to do this is through a fanfic. The story that I am composing, is based off both my real life experiences, and experiences from MLP. I don't want any recognition, attention, or a huge fan base for any fanfic I make, but for people to know that I have struggled in life, and found an outlet with MLP. This story is my struggle over depression, anxiety, poverty, abuse, and bullying, and thanks to Lauren Faust, she has put a smile back on my face..

I hope that whom ever reads the fanfic when I am done, finds some inspiration to keep moving with their life, like I have... There is more to life than just throwing it away. MLP FiM is my outlet, and with that, it has opened so many opportunities to move on.. This show has given me more confidence, motivation, determination, and even inspiration to take my music career more seriously.

Thanks for all the support guys! I love all of you guys, with all my heart.. I really haven't felt this good in a while, and with this community of loving people, it really makes me feel so good... Experiencing BronyCon would sum it up actually :3

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