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A little RP 101 for Everypony

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Ello, all

Quill here. As some of you were starting up some rps, I thought as a long time rper I would stop by with a little rp 101 for those less familiar with role playing.

Role play on a forum like this is in essence, a group-told story. It should feel like a story. Everyone should feel included, and everyone should try to help it move along it's course. That's not to say it won't have a few unexpected twists and turns, but, don't go left when everyone's going right.


What this means is, everyone has control over their character. You cannot directly affect another player's character. IE: You cannot say you hit someone with an apple. You can say you throw one at them, but it is up to them whether they are hit. On the other hand, it is their responcibility to act accordingly. If they can believably dodge, then fine. But if there is no realistic way they wouldn't be hit, then it's only proper to take the hit. This rule protects a player and their character from getting into something they do not approve of or alters their character without their okay. If someone does something you do not approve of, under this rule you may ignore them. But you must also be fair. If you knowingly put your character in harm's way... And there's no way they wouldn't be hurt... You're expected to play it out.


IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! It's about everyone. Don't be a drama queen and try to hog the spotlight. You do not need to have something happen to you every 5 minutes so everyone's paying attention to you. Do not always barge in and save the day with your awesomeness... I promise, you're not that awesome. Remember, it's about the story. Everyone's there to play along with the story, not just you.

Rule #3 DO, OR DO NOT

Do not start something, or jump into an rp, then disappear. Either rp, or write yourself out for the time being so the story can move along. Don't leave it waiting on you. When starting an rp, it's best to have a set daily time for everyone to be there so it can continue. And don't take an hour to post.... Remember, others are waiting on you. If you are leaving during a current rp, write your character out. Have them go to do something off camera. Don't leave people hanging. Normally for a forum rp, if someone hasn't posted inside a half hour, you may skip them. And for PETE'S SAKE- put some effort into your spelling and grammer. We don't expect perfection, but at least put forth some effort to be legible. Which brings me to...


Set a post order, which generally is determined by entrance order, then keep to it so everyone has a post each round, and everyone knows who's posting next. This allows for something to be done in your post, and everyone else has a chance to react before it rolls around to you again. And finally...


Keep your posts IC [in character]. Don't break things up by posting out of character [ooc] content in the middle of the rp. If you need to post something ooc during the rp, say, to ask a question or give a direction..

[ooc] <- post it at the bottom of your post like this


If someone has started an rp, but you wish to do a different rp idea, don't force your new rp idea into the current one. Start a new thread. And similarly.. Just because something happened in this rp.. Doesn't mean it happened in this one. Maybe, yes. But each rp should be considered it's own story with no connection to others unless noted.

Esp for forum rps, it's advantageous to use the im system and announce you've posted.

RP lingo:

Canon- 100% within the known confines of the MLP show.

DND- tag something [dnd] if you don't wish to have something happening to be interfered with. IE: If your pony is supposed to get washed down the river and you don't want them saved, you could post a [dnd] after the event so no one interferes. They can post accordingly.

IC- in character

ooc Out of character

OC- Original character

RetCon- Not to be abused, but if you accidentally do something stupid or get into a situation where you don't like the outcome, you can REQUEST a RetCon and rewind the situation. This requires everyone involved to agree to rewind and forget.

Troll- Someone that comes on the scene just to cause trouble and create a stir. IGNORE THEM. Do not even tell them to go away. Doing so only feeds them. And like a cat, once you feed them, they won't go away. So, PLEASE DON'T FEED THE TROLLS

RP Ediquette:

-Post any plotline, rules, or anything like that in the first post of a new rp so everyone knows the situation, and what's allowed.

-Make sure it's okay to join in on an established rp. And if you don't want anyone just jumping in uninvited, post it in the opening post [Closed RP] or [Pegasus ponies only]

-Always remember the concent rule, and to describe the scene in your post. The more you describe, the better people can mentally 'see' the rp and follow along appropriatly.

-And finally.. Do your best not to ignore anyone, and to assure that everyone is included and having fun. Even if you have to post that your character doesn't hear them, or is too preoccupied to react. Something, anything so they know they weren't personally ignored.

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