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I actually like Dr. Robotnik.

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I'm a Sonic fan as well. Heck, Leaf's design was based off of a Sonic OC I have (and wrote fanfiction to explain how said hedgehog gets thrown into Equestria). But I remember that the first Sonic game I played was actually Sonic 1, and I played it through a gaming platform which I don't remember what it was called and have no doubt that it doesn't exist amymore. But it was very fun at that time in my life. One of the mores memorable games I did play was Sonic Heroes. I loved all the levels, except the second half of the Power Plant level where at one point you have to race against the rising red liquid (which scared me when I was younger), and the Jungle Level where you have to race against the Aligator (which just irritates me when I miss a swinging vine.)

But as for the series.

I've played both Adventure and Adventure 2 Battle (which were absolutely fantastic)

I've played '06 (which was rage quit inducing garbage. Good music, but that's it.)

I've played Unleashed (rather good, got hooked on Rooftop Run's day music)

I've played Colors on DS (as that's the only version I could get with the consoles I had at thatommt on time)

And I played Generations (Absolutely fantastic too, nostalgia and redesigns all around, as well as CHARACTER VOICES THAT SOUND VERY ACURATE TO THEIR AGES)

Ahem, I have yet to play Lost World, although I kinda don't want to, sińe I see it more as a...well a ripoff of Mario Galexy.

In my conclusion, the series has had it's ups and downs, as most do, but the series has been good.


Oh and there is a new Sonic TV series to air sometime hopefully soon (as I do best to stay informed)

Also if anyone hasn't mentioned, the reason Sonic HAS a super state, and why it looks similar to a Super Sayian, is because Sonics creator is actually a big DBZ fan and so he put the super form in there AS a nod to Super Sayians.

So if that helps any Rainbro, you're welcome.

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