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I'm gonna recommend another Visual Novel

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Surprise, the girls' sensory organs and limbs all work fine.

The name of the Visual Novel is "Muv-Luv" (mabu-ravu マブーラヴ). Why does it have such an atrocious name? Because âge, the company who developed it, cannot into English (For example hiring Japanese voice actors to play Americans speaking English*).

There are 3 main Muv-Luv games, ML Extra, ML Unlimited, and ML Alternative. (Extra and Unlimited in the same game)

ML Extra is a comedy, and is by and large considered a steaming pile of shit, (I disagree), but it is necessary to understand... well, everything basically. You play Shirogane Takeru, and you basically just experience his day-to-day menutia, which happens to be pretty interesting because Extra throws common sense and reasoning out the window.

ML Unlimited gets a little bit (as in a smidgen) more serious. One day, Takeru wakes up, his friends gone, and everything around his house is a post apocolyptic wasteland. Not knowing what to do, he just decides to walk up to his school like normal and discovers that there is now a military base in it's place, and all his friends are cadets and his teachers are officers and what not. Why is there a base here? Aliens. Why is there such a high Female:Male ratio? Because the aliens landed 30 years ago and most of the men are dead. Also, aliens shoot down aircraft flawlessly so they had to develop an alternative way of fighting them. (AKA paper thin excuse to have big mecha)

ML Alternative starts off silly and then gets dark. 3 years later, Takeru, now more mature and siginifigantly less of a fucking dumbass than his Extra and Unlimited counterparts, wakes up in the same wasteland back on day one. Determined to fix humanity's future, and armed with knowledge of the future, he goes out to change history. Alternative is considered the only real reason to play Extra and Unlimited (BUT FUCKING PLAY THEM IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND SHIT).

And to everyone who played Katawa Shoujo and liked it, I compel you to play it. By comparison this is much less weird

The main character is a dumbass.

There are no aliens in N. America because the landed in Canada and so the US nuked the shit out of Canada

*"Command post, this is bravo leader" became "Common pohs, dis eez brabo reedah"

More info:

Get them here:

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belongs in Randumb with all the other visual novels

Your face belongs in randumb.

not allowed, too pornographic

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