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This is a message to those who care a lot about others... so much so that it gets them hurt and manipulated:


It's up to you if you wanna change. You don't have to not even a little. It's a rare kind to care so much about people, and you'll have mine, the extreme minority's, respect and care.


My personality leads me to care a lot about others, but I neglect myself a lot and if what I'm doing isn't appreciated, it will tear me down.


It's okay to be this way. It's extremely hurtful, but you don't have to change if you don't want to and I honor anybody out there who is like this....


I make statements that are maningless to many, and perhaps those who need to read this never will, but somebody who needs to might... that's good enough for me.

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So what? I just post something here that i need to get off my chest without worrying about anyone responding to it? 


Yeah ok... 


I am absolutely terrified to ask the person i love to marry me. And I'm partially terrified of the fact that I'm even contemplating marriage at all.


Also kind of terrified that the person i want to ask might find this post. And posting it is dumb, but i have to get this off my chest. :hides:

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