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In the time of Princess Celestia's rule, she always had Guards ready to defend her law and keep order in the land. These Guards are Heavily armed, well trained, and loyal. They were competent and carried out her orders with the focus of an Eagle that has spotted his Prey. In battle, it's said they fight like possessed Ponies; another factor due to their training. The standard Guards are formidable, but the Elite Guard, Celestia's private Guard, said to be a secret Army, were to be truely watched out for. The Golden-clad Soldiers were mighty, almost Godlike in terms of fighting. They are a strict order too, Nobleponies whose families were all part of the Elite Guard. But there are some above that. An order shrouded in secrecy. Only two outside the order know about their existence, and those are the founding members. Princesses Celestia and Luna. There are some jobs that require skills that no guard, Elite or not, could possess. Jobs too dark for the public to know. This why the order exists. To protect and serve Equestria from the shadows. From the very beginning, this order has existed, and new members rarely get inducted, and sometimes they even skip inducting family members based on their traits or sometimes even personal feelings. They are called the Assassins, and they are the secret order than none may know about. This is their story, and how they will save Equestria. From the shadows.

Critique welcome!

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