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"Slowly but surely, the branches are moving, and the timerwolves are eager.

Devoured by a beast is no way to go, and your future is getting dimmer.

What of your love, oh murderer and thief,

main target of my lies and disbelief?

Or what of your wife, my genius of number,

Who at the hooves of a villain may meet her final slumber?

The future, the future,

It holds all these answers,

The future, the future,

It grows inside like cancer."

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"My Sorrow and guilt, gone" he says to him self slowly " the curce apon me, but also the reason for my drive, to move foward. All gone" he says to him self

The pain in his stomach remided him that this was not over, the pain had now spred to his chest.

"You have yet to keep your word, Give me the Drug or give me more test" Jec says with a calm,but angry tone

Jec Begins to hum to him self (this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKDcNFvI2Jk)

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As the cave shifted to a prison, chains appearing around the pony's ankles, the voice continued:

"Oh ho ho, no, my dear little Jec. You are yet to pass all my tests! But if you really are so hungry, why not take the love of this pony?"

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"I will not bring you under my control yet, I am having too much fun. But I will absolve you from your guilt."

He presented him with a cowering blue pegasus, her messy mane and bruises indicating a turbulent event in the recent past.

(OOC: You should really pay attention to what I say)

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(Occ: I thought that was a symbolazation of something)

"I'm sorry, this won't hurt a bit" Jec wipers to the blue pony

He moves over to her and opens his mouth, his neck begins to pulse. what seems to be pink smoke begins to come from the blue pony mouth and into Jecs. When it was over Jec felt the pain subcide a little bit.

"Not much love in this one" he thinks to him self

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Ooh, he shouldn't have done that.

He's fallen right into His trap.

Suddenly, the whole room swirled around Jec, as an evil laugh filled the air.

When it stopped, Jec was now in chains, and the mare smiled at him to reveal a sharpened fang.

As her form shifted back to its serpentine original, a feeling of dread filled the changeling.

"Mmmmahahaha! My my, you seem to have lost sight of your principles, my little shapeshifter!"

Jec snarled, and the mismatch simply put his lion paw around his shoulder.

"What's wrong, Deciever? Angry of falling for someone else's tricks?"

He laughed once more and touched the insect's head lightly, as his eyes swirled and changed his body to grey.

"Lies and tricks won't get you far

In a world where they are the brightest star.

Decepted, forgotten, you've lost sight of who you were

It's time to accept chaos as you're ony true Lord."

And as the fearful rhymes finished their tone,

chains of past life shifting to none,

Equestria had lost what was thought a monster

but he was pure of heart, and all e sought was an answer.

(OOC: Jec has become discorded, as he abandoned what he believed in in exchange for what he thought as survival. Don't get mad, that's how it works, you should expect this form Discord. You may re-enter as another character, both supporting and Original.)

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Well then lets try, some one known

Edgar Allan Post

A former equestrian soldier now writes poems and horror stories he has great fame in doing so

Has a thing for drink and likes to smoke

He is also parinoid, slightly crazy

He is a grey Earth pony

with a white mane and tail. He has green eyes, and his cutie mark is a pen with blood driping from it

(Get the refrince)

Edited by Muffin97

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(Yes I do)

We have the artist, the poet,

Birther of madness

He is not impressed by the chaos hopeless

But rather is sad, as it'll last only a moment.

His travel begins within his own home,

Once a cottage, now more like a dome.

(You have to try and get out an upside-down dome)

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Occ: no offence but can i ask for a little detail like upside down dome is like a bowl how big is it?

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The timberwolves were now reaching their legs out, almost free.

"Run, run, my little ponies, not much time left!"

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"Must be a dream" Post says looking around at the upside down house which he was in the middle of of

"Too much to drink, again" he says to him self with a chuckle

"Well lets get out of hear" he says as be begins to clime up the wall using anything he could get a hoof hold on

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But it was late, now.

The Timberwolves broke free, and ran towards the helpless ponies.

As the murderer prepared himself, he closed his eyes.

But nothing happened.

A bright light came from the box, making the beasts stand back, and instead, they went for the other one.

"The future protects, The future brings light,

but no future may come by being impolite..."

The timberwolves were now upon the helpess number-gazer, who'se eyes were full of fear.

"You should have helped,

You should've been there,

But you ran for yourself,

You ran for your mare."

Suddenly, the beasts froze, but there was no space for him to run.

The mismatch appeared, and smiled at the criminal.

"It's your choice now, holder of the next,

Save the traitor, or run for your love's best?"

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He was speechless. Just moved his lips. Thinking about his wife with a gun to her head, his brother's red eyes behind her, face in the shadows. He didn't even know Pencil, but he reminded him of William Penn, his best friend. He looked at the dogs. Then at Pencil.


Anger fueled inside of him. That's when Frank realized something. This is Discord's own undoing.

His face contorted to a wicked grin. His left eye turned pink. "Pencil shall be saved. But I'm not going down without a fight. If I even do go down"

He jumped into the air, yanking the knives out from his horse shoes. He jumped atop a timberwolf and stuck the knife in the back of its throat.

He quickly multiplied the other knife and threw it at a second across the way. Frank then stuck his hood out to the scene. "Divide!" Time slowed and slowed and slowed. Well, thier perception of the "time" that didn't exist anyway.

He was now lightning speed to all spectators.

His eye was red by now, and he became who he hated. He pressed the temples of the beasts one by one, making thier minds a dark fog where they cannot think at all, and just fall dumbly.

He was down to the last one and the dividing time had worn off. He was depleted of magic and ran for the last one. The two knives struck it in its belly, for it lunged, and neck. The dead creature landing on top of him, and he couldn't get it off

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To the wizard's surprise, the mismatch came alive.

Time has no meaning

In this world of mine

Slowing down nothing

Still makes you the target prime.

The serpent stopped the counter dead in his tracks, laughing evilly as he did, and caressed his face with his talon.

"For a pony who can count up to numbers nobody knew, you don't seem to have a lot of patience..."

He looked deep into his eyes and his soul stared into his, showing him the truth and the lie, the chaos and order, all that was and all that will.

"You have let your instincts got the best of you, my dear. What if that happened when you saved your beloved? She would have surely died."

He chuckled, as he saw his magic taking hold.

"What and Who,

When and How,

A smile to a snarl,

A grin to a frown.

You lost your hold on your own emotion,

Your logic and knowledge are now in distortion.

I'll free you of burden, liberated of feel,

All you must do, is to me kneel."

As he said so, the master of count fell to the ground, taking a darker shade of grey and dropping a single, sparkling tear, before getting back up with an emotionless face and was teleported away to join the chaos.

Wisdom and feeling are seldom apart,

One of the brain, the other the heart.

When knowledge is blinded and all emotion is rage,

Chaos will reign, For He is the only sage.

(Sorry for the missing font, I'll add later on.)

(Frank has been discorded, as he's let his past take hold rather than considering the future. As always, you are allowed to rejoin, but don't expect me to be nice. You killed my Fido :,( )

Edited by Disc0rd

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(he turned into his counterpart, thus Discording the counterpart. And what is a Discorded Redeye? Frank. You have failed XD. Frank never could show emotions but Redeye could, because Redeye WAS his emotions. So......?)

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(He's now stuck as discorded red eye. Checkmate.)

( you can still have frank separate himself from red eye, but he can't rage anymore.)

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(only one pony can save him)

Blue Sky/ Royal Blue


Blue alicorn

Natural born leader

The mother of the Princesses, but reborn

Sister of Frank's wife

Job: making the blue sky for Celestia


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Another God has joined the hunt

The mother of the Sun and moon,

To keep it blunt

Freed or trapped, she'll be very soon.

The alicorn awoke in a strange world.

Her connection to her daughters had been severed, as well as the one to the sky.

She looked around, and recognised the work of an old family enemy.

She whispered his name. Afraid to evoke him in such a weak state, and set off to find Harmony, her only true weapon against Him.

She looked around only to find that something was amiss, as she heard his voice sing.

"I wake at your feet when you get up,

But never do I die 'till sundown.

I die whenever the sun is high up,

But I am to you always known."

Edited by Disc0rd

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