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The criminal was quite surprised when the mismatch returned; the events he proclaimed didn't happened, but he remembered them as true. Obviously, this creature was far more powerful than the other Discord, and decided he'd best be ready for anything.

Before he could ask any questions, He dropped a mare alongside him, and, to his surprise, he saw it was his love. But something was wrong.

She was broken and defeated, much like his compatriot was, and her coat was a similar shade of grey. Suddenly, the illusion dissapeared, and the Mother stared back at him just as surprised.

"You have witnessed what is to come, your punishment for fail;

Your lover tainted, your sister's bone gone stale.

I suggest you find a way to escape the bluest of blues,

Before you is ice, the only end to this cruise.

But before you die of mentioned fate,

A clue is required to seal the date."

He dissapeared with a laugh of pure darkness.

"What happens when you throw a yellow rock into a purple stream?"

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The Chaos chuckled, his figure still invisible.

"Death is something of my concern not, Old One. but, I will say I may consider it. After all, it treated you so well..."

His voice was... more soothing, this time. Both of his past and present.

Something was amiss.

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She expected him to get it, twas many clues. But perhaps she may turn the tables in this sick game of his.

"I lived in a void for 100 years. Don't think I don't know how it works." Love is in my beard was a metaphor, and she knew only one thing with a beard if it was taken literally. Since he changed his tone to a more "loving" tone, he was taking it literally.

"If you knew my father, I'd think twice of trying to pull me into one of your tricks. Are you familiar with Queen Galaxia?"

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With another laugh, the mismatch appeared, but not in His others.

He was old, decrepit, fur falling off as well as feathers, scales worn and grown hairs, He looked old, wise and as dangerous as ever.

"a hundred years? That's cute."

He snaked around her, but much slower than usual.

"My combined imprisonments are over 7500 years. 7500 years with everyone of your organs screaming in the cold stone, whilst your mind is as dead, but not quite yet, allowing you to feel the pain, but not to think. But, how would you know? I'm just another sculpture in your daughter's gardens."

He smiled, but didn't laugh. He truly had grown old.

"I am weak, my dear. My two younger selves are so much more active, yet I know not to take advantage, for even when weak, I hold so much power to be able to bend space and time on themselves. How do you think you and the Criminal are both here?"

He leaned in, whispering.

"But, here's the best part: your dear Mother was a great contributor to my magic, with all the power she gave me."

He laughed a dusty laugh and hovered in mid air, His body quirling much like that of a serpent.

"I know longer speak in riddles, I have no need to. Myselves corrupt, whilst I keep this world together. Now, you best solve this riddle, as the ice approaches soon."

He then dissapeared.

The moment the mismatch did, the ship recoiled, the whole sail bumping forwards as it hit the mountain of ice. Many memories shattered in the impact, but some ket with their play, running in panic.

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((You mean this riddle?))

Then, the riddle... Yellow stone? Purple river? These just get more and more metaphorical as they come...

With stress and worry clouding his mind, Pencil could only blurt what he thought was the answer

"I-i don't know. The stone would sink in the river, become hidden by the dark liquid..."

((Cos', you know... i thought i answered it...))

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Pencil turned towards Mother, only half acknowledging her, he began muttering to himself

"Throw a yellow rock, into the purple sea..."

And that's when it hit him

"Mother! I am about to do something extremely reckless and stupid, but believe me on this!"

Pencil exclaimed before running to the very edge of the deck, looking down to the icy depths below

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