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Define: Random Deathmatch (RDM)

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This is question I feel that needs to be asked/addressed, what is RDM? We all have our different definitions of the term and the administration act upon their views of what is and isn't RDM, so lets get a basic idea of what RDM is and isn't.

Here are a couple of scenarios that should be classified as RDM/Not RDM in your response, note saying a scenario was RDM means action should be taken (kick/ban/slay/etc)



You are a TRAITOR, you have done nothing up to this point in the game so far but a firefight breaks out and you end up dead even though you didn't start it nor even shot, you just were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


You are an INNOCENT, you've been proven by taking down one or more traitors and have been called out as such by yourself and several people but you infact have a traitor weapon in your hands, someone didn't get the memo and guns you down for holding out the weapon.


You are an INNOCENT, you've just killed a traitor and are looking down at the body but haven't identified it yet, in the split moment you are gunned down by another person (who is innocent) taking part in the firefight who shortly afterwards identifys both bodies purely out of fear/natural reaction.


You are a TRAITOR, you've killed and slashed your way through all detectives and some innocents and made sure you were never seen committing the murders, however a innocent catches wind of you by seeing you flee the area with the weapon that killed the players out, you being the only person in the room prior to leaving short of the dead body you left behind however the innocent still has yet to see you actually murder the dead player. He decides to take action by immediately gunning you down while your back is turned.


You are a DETECTIVE, an innocent guns you down out of fear/FPS reaction shortly after a firefight.


You are a TRAITOR, you have done nothing up to this point in the game so far, however your traitor buddys are busy at work and killed a detective at long range but isn't able to collect the bounty of the additional credits left behind and tells you to take them. You walk up to the body which has already been identified by an innocent and grab the credits, the second immediately afterwards you are killed/called out by the detective as being a traitor who saw you take the credits.


You are a TRAITOR, you have done nothing up to this point in the game so far with the exception of running past an unidentified body that was slightly hidden but you still couldn't see it, you are gunned down immediately afterwards by a player who claimed you ran past an unid'd body which was clearly visable to him but not to you.


You are a TRAITOR, the game has nearly ended and its down to 4 people alive (you, 2 innocents who have been proven guilty, and a detective), however there are still several people that are missing in action. The Detective who has a radar decides to gun you down where you stand.


(this last one is hypothetical, I never use the decoy)

You are a TRAITOR, in the middle of the round you discretely set up a decoy far away from your location, a detective who is using a radar has it rescan while looking directly at you, the blip doesn't appear and he takes the killing shot immediately afterwards.

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