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Oh look! Zelgarath's Been Banned again!

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Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:27666368


Nick: Zelgarath

Reason Banned : Shooting Juicy in the back of the face.


When you first look at this post you may think...

"Oh me oh my! it appears that rascal Zelgarath is up to his shenanigans again!"

And you are Semi-right as my shenanigans never end, but none the less i am here with a purpose.

Before i begin though may i remind you of my current condition listed in the previous appeal here.


So let me tell you the tale of how i got banned by shooting juicy in the back-face. it shouldn't take too long.

I was just playing a rousing game of TTT when i was chosen as the innocent.

No more then a minute into the game i start hearin juicy complain that the detective was shooting him.

When i slowly walked over to the scene ( i didn't run cuz i did not want to get shot and hurt my bread and butter.)

I noticed that both juicy and the detective, ghost. Were only a tad injured when the shooting stopped.
This led me to believe that they were just screwing around and nothing else.

So i follow the two a few feet, when Juicy starts shooting his deagle while aiming at Ghost.

I open fire, aiming PRECISELY at the back of juicy's face.

(Which is what i have no trouble doing, being STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTON and all.)

Juicy falls to the ground and me and the detective shortly after, as we didn't realize Icey was so Eagle-eyed with a knife.

Juicy asked me why i shot him and i told him "Because you shot at the detective"

He said he hadn't shot the detective and this was "Against the rules as it didn't damage him"

He slayed me the next pre-round and round start.

This was my traitor round ironically and the round ended right after he typed the command.

(I'm not sure if he slayed the other traitor or if the player just killed himself or left.)

This action ruined a player's detective round and mildly irritated me. (But Zel don't hold no grudge.)

after this i said over the mic "I'm startin to feel the rage of the cayyyyyyge....".

we played one more round before the map changed and eveything went fly.

On the new map though me and juicy exchanged some "Constructive Criticism" to put it lightly.

And it ended with me saying "Idiocy can only be solved with more idiocy, which I intend to do in the future."

"I just haven't reached my full idiot yet."

I planned to target him my traitor round and to honor his body with a C4 plantation to the chest cavity.

Afterwards he called me an idiot and asked "Does anybody like you on here"

When i said "I believe a few people do."

I got the elongated ban message and decided to write another lymric (limrik,limric, Lymrick. I don't know....) for you folks.


So thats my "Short" story for you fine people.

As you can probably tell i'm unbiased as to whether im unbanned or not.

I just figured i'd make this post to prevent others from being banned the same way.

This should aid the idea that if you see someone pointing a gun at a Friendly target and firing "around" said target,

That should be more than enough evidence to put 2 and 2 together and pick out a traitor.

and if this is in a joking or traitorbating  manner, then it can only be met by a more joking buckshot to the back-face.


That is all, thank you for reading.


Lots of love,








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Oh yeah this was solved some time ago. about a week after it occured happened so heres the follow up from what i remember.

I was unbanned by simple after alittle talk.

Then i was banned again by juicy after joining the game for about half a round for RDM. When i had hurt no one.

Simple told me it was some sort of mediocre damage (About 5: most likely from a short fall and not enough to be intentional.)

I later tried to work things out with juicy but he just refused to reason.

I had imagined this would happen, so i had saved up some evidence to be in my defense, and i believe it was pretty useful.

if i do say so myself.

Here's the evidence all stored in a fancy txt. file. ( I annon-ed the admins as i do not wish for them to be on juicy's badlist. I also Zel-ored it just so no kiddies get offended. Check for *'s)


(Banned by juicyjuicebox (Reason: RDM as listed on the site) @ 02-28-13 17:52 : Unbanned by Simple reason "1 more chance")

(Banned by CONSOLE permanantly "It says RDM (Same Reason as Juicy's ban) but I killed no one the entire game" @ 03-03-13 10:45)

(Banned Shortly After joining the game by "CONSOLE" Karma was in the high 1100's)

(Zel's Ban Appeal)-(

(Check Juicy's Ban's. A Margin are permanant, Unbans are uncommon.) (

(Chat Log 1)
Zelgarath: Never tell your password to anyone.
Juicy Juicebox: What do you want?
Zelgarath: I've been wanting to discuss this ban for awhile.
Juicy Juicebox: There's nothing to discuss
Zelgarath: and why's that?
Juicy Juicebox: You never read the rules, and whenever you're on the server, you act like you're 2 years old. And argue with admins.
Zelgarath: Perhaps i argue. but i don't act like a toddler.
Juicy Juicebox: "Uhh I picked a scab. Oh GOD! IT'S BLEEDING OW! OW OW!"
Juicy Juicebox: I beg to differ.
Zelgarath: i did.
Zelgarath: it hurt. ( it's still scared....)
Zelgarath: but i believe thats refered as micspam correct?
Zelgarath: and isnt that allowed?
Juicy Juicebox: No.
Zelgarath: I believe it says when you log into the server. "Micspam is a privledge.
Zelgarath: "Don't abuse it"
Juicy Juicebox: There's also a rule, admin's say is final.
Juicy Juicebox: You also never read the rules.
Juicy Juicebox: I've seen you RDM multiple times.
Zelgarath: Who did i RDM?
Juicy Juicebox: Me for one
Juicy Juicebox: About two times.
Zelgarath: besides yourself.
Zelgarath: twice?
Juicy Juicebox: Other plays I was playing with.
Juicy Juicebox: players*(Spell checked)
Zelgarath: Can you tell me how i killed the first player?
Juicy Juicebox: You shot him because he shot next to you.
Zelgarath: That was you. and it was at a detective.
Zelgarath: i mean someone else.
Juicy Juicebox: I am talking about someone else.
Juicy Juicebox: There's nothing else to discuss.
Juicy Juicebox is now Offline.

(Chat Log 2)
Admin: yo man
Admin: Banned again for RDM?
Admin: was it Juicy in the server again?
Zelgarath: no.
Zelgarath: actually yes he was
Admin: the console ban said RDM
Zelgarath: For some reason it says CONSOLE baned me
Admin: but Console doesnt ban for that.
Zelgarath: Thats what i thought
Zelgarath: I joined and a few minutes later i got banned again
Zelgarath: i checked the list and it said console.
Zelgarath: so i figured i'd tell you about it
Zelgarath: my karma was in the 1100's
Zelgarath: and i killed no one that round.
Zelgarath: i actually didn't even play the whole round before i was banned
Admin: k ill check about that
Admin: becuase now its bull
Admin: Juicy is probably being a d*uck.
Zelgarath: he seemed busy when i joined.
Zelgarath: like he was staring at the ground, doing something out of game
Zelgarath: mayhaps he changed his name?
Admin: cant change name in the sourbans for being called "Console"
Zelgarath: what do you think it could have been then?
Admin is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
Admin: nothing else
Zelgarath: what?
Admin: it has to be juicy.
Zelgarath: how could he have done it?
Admin: ban right from the sourceban
Admin: a re-ban
Zelgarath: so what're  you guys ganna do about it?
Admin: just looked in my friend list
Admin: Juicy removed me
Admin: so obviously hes just becoming dark sided
Admin: He seems to not give a F*lying Fladoodle
Admin: He only wants the profit of his own friends
Zelgarath: I suppose so. but i honestly dont know him enough to make an opinion
Zelgarath: other then him banning me the first game i met him
Admin: yeah well im trying to ask to higher admins atm
Admin: because thats abusive.

(Chat log 3)
Admin: so this is what juicy wrote: I banned him last time for RDMing, and trolling.
 I contacted Simple about it, so that's why this is here.
 Last time he was on the server, he was arguing with me.
 RDMing once in a while (Ignorance of rules), and acting mean towards people. And, trolling.



Well i did get unbanned as i've said.

Maybe you guys are wondering, "How come Juicy's still an admin?"


Simple doesn't like to demote folks, and i didn't say all i should have to him at a request from one of juicy's friends.


Maybe you guys are wondering "Why do you make such long and semi-humored posts?"


I make them just to get my point acrossed. Nobody likes to read a boring statement, i imagine half of you didn't even look at the evidence.... Did you.....?


Maybe you guys are wondering "Why haven't i seen you or your sexy voice before?"


I don't go on much anymore.

it may seem like a fruitless effort after i dug up all this evidence in my defense. but as i said in this, I mainly did this just to prove a point.

Maybe you guys are wondering "What was this point Zel? Please I REALLY gotta know!"


The point was to show that if you're being wronged by somebody who really grinds your gears, just put forth some d*ucking effort and you can prove that they're wrong, and knock them off their h*amn pedestal and back to having fun without the iron legislation breathing down your neck.


That's all i got to say on this matter folks.

I haven't even seen juicy on the TTT server in awhile but i see a few more hardg*lasses sprouting up from out of nowhere.

Hopefully after this fiasco' people will learn that it's a game first, and a server second.


Lots of love,


Edited by Zelgarath

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