Maps, and which ones to beware of.

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Here are some Tips and Tricks you can use on certain maps.

This will be kept UPDATED.


The Infamous richland

Use something on the Big-Ass dumpster. I wonder what Traitor weapon it could be.

Kill ANYONE with a Poltergeist, unless Proven Innocent or If the person is a detective.

C4 is Deadly in some houses.

Some traps are in houses and the underground area. Please use them.

One thing I would do; Use a teleporter on one of the attics. Make sure nobody is inside of the attic. Block the entrances with tables, and jump out. If you need to escape, just use the Teleporter.



The Nether is a dangerous place. However, Dumping bodies is quite a good habit.

The lighthouse is not the only place to snipe...

If you're a T, you might want to dispose of the Diamond Ores. Any one will do.

As an Inno, Find ALL of the Diamond ores, and sacrifice it to notch. Inno's will automatically win.

As a Detective, Throwing the Diamonds in lava is a traitorous act. Suspect, BUT DO NOT KILL people who do so.


Other maps will be posted as soon as I get back, and learn how 2 spoiler.

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